PES 2009 demo causes Xbox Live sign-in problems

Console Monster writes: "Over the last day or so, many of you may have experienced problems when signing into Xbox Live as the console freezes. You may have tried everything including cleaning your cache and may have thought it was to do with Microsoft's maintenance and downtime during the week. Fortunately, it's a little bit simpler than that.

The cause of the console's freezing is the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 demo, released yesterday. Those of you who downloaded the demo will no doubt have acknowledged the problem of the console freezing whilst it downloaded, and any attempts to sign into Xbox Live after failed. The simple solution to the matter is..."

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TheMART3790d ago

PES 2009 is the same as PES 2006, not even worth downloading this!

Fifa 2009 has made such much progress (2008 already) that it is surpassing PES with ease. They just facked up with PES. Yes. Even in gameplay its loosing this year...

Drekken3790d ago

Yeah ok Mart, lets hit on the point of which game is better and totally ignore the fact that a demo broke your pay to play service. Typical.

pwnsause3790d ago

Mart, ever heard of Fox News? just to tell you are acting like them right now. good bye.

felidae3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

have you even played the PES 2009 demo???

Fifa 09 is really really good - graphics and animations are great, the whole soccer atmosphere is spot on. i enjoyed the demo but after downloading the PES demo yesterday, i realized that this game is way more fun to play - sorry, but that's my opinion.

i've never been into soccer games and i don't know how much the PES series has improved but one thing is for sure: This game kicks a$$ in the gameplay sector. it just feels more straightforward than Fifa to me.

so have fun playing Fifa 09 - i'll play PES 2009 because i think it's the better soccer game of them both.

both are great games and to say that the PES demo isn't even worth downloading shows once more that you're a fool.

edit: btw, PES 2009 runs smooth as butter on the PS3. thank you Konami!

PopEmUp3790d ago

Give me your PSN so I can pawned you on both PES and FIFA

on topic FIFA is by the better side in Graphic and that including the game atmosphere, but however that just one side of it and it hasn't come down to the conclusion just yet. In reality when you Play PES2009 demo you will be assure to be amaze with their stunning new gameplay that put fifa asides and doing the catch-up over again, what I mean is PEs2009 ain't like 2008 with the mass improve in new stunning gameplay that put to realistic alike. In reality fifa have yet to satisfy me, except the graphic side of it but that all come down to everyone opinion/taste

P.s. Mart stop whining and admitted you suck at PES

TheMART3790d ago


Dude... Why do you think its @ Xboxkings??? I play on my XBOX 360 on Live, no PSN nonsense.

BTW I've played PES/Fifa for a long time already. PES 2006, 2008 and 2009 are about the same. No real improvements, actually it only turned worse with the new dribble system in my view.

FIfa only improved the last years. I have played both demo's now, deleted PES 2009 demo. Gonna buy Fifa 2009.

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Fishy Fingers3790d ago

Excellent, my flat mate and I played the demo last night and after retiring to my room from a little LBP I could hear all sorts of profanity emanating from his room. He'll be chuffed when I him the problem and better still, the solution.

Guess if we want to play the demo again it will be on my PS3. At least until the problem is addressed.

PS360PCROCKS3790d ago

Good thing I dont like soccer lol

Kyo3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Good thing that I like soccer and have a PS3. ;)

And I feel sorry for any 360 owner who's experiencing the issue. I hope it gets fixed soon enough. =)

bomboclaat_gamer3790d ago

good thing u dont like soccer for real. one less person that sucks yaaay

PS360PCROCKS3790d ago

Um, ya ok...I could pick up the controller and kick your as* at this game, I may not love soccer but it doesn't mean I have never played one of these games. Sports games dont interest me like they did when I was 12

Imallvol73790d ago

I haven't been able to sign into live since monday :(

I haven't tried since yesterday morning. Finally got hooked up with a LBP code. Wow, what a game.

nonAsianDroid3790d ago


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