Blizzard's New Version is concluding their huge compilation of 2.0 information with a feature of rumours and quotes from Blizzard, nailing down the last features of the famous gaming network that we will see when StarCraft 2 launches, and the same network that will be available for Diablo 3.

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Leord3792d ago

This is about it until Blizzcon =)

kalos3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I hope this year's Blizzcon will have additional details, it looks promosing but I think Blizzard still have some tricks they're hiding right now about the new system.

Still better than so called "web 2.0"

Leord3792d ago

Well, there are in fact some interesting things with "web 2.0" as well. As every strange name for things, it's a name of a concept rather than a technology. the principle to include users more into content.

Daver3792d ago

sure they will have more info there, they wont only show WOW expansion, there will be more about d3, starcraft 2, and the new battle net

I hope we get a release date for starcraft 2 at least (or something like q2 2009)

Leord3792d ago

I'm pretty sure there won't be any release predictions, even if they release in Q1 2009. Still, I am hoping for a SC MMO, but who can blame me? ;)

Maticus3792d ago

Very interesting, thanks

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