Rumor: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Coming To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Soon

ThisGenGaming says "Could Modern Warfare 2 be the next huge title to be coming to Xbox One through Backwards Compatibility?"

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cyckiewicz434d ago

I thought all past-gen CoDs were already backward compatibile.

DiceAndRice434d ago

Modern Warfare 2 and 3 are currently the only last gen COD's not on yet.

MetroidFREAK21434d ago

Call of Duty Classic, (console port of CoD 1) and the original Modern Warfare, alongside the obvious MW2/MW3 are also missing on BC

MetroidFREAK21434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

No, we are still missing Call of Duty Classic (console port of the first game in the franchise) the OG version of Modern Warfare, alongside the obvious MW2/MW3 are still not on BC yet

annoyedgamer434d ago (Edited 434d ago )

DO IT! Xbox Live would crash if this happens, I think the BLOPS 2 servers went down briefly when it was put on BC as well.

81BX434d ago

Does black ops 2 have their own servers for peer to peer connections?

434d ago
Paytaa434d ago

The sheer peak of Call of Duty. Being a part of the MW2 hype was so fun. Being in school at the time, the general excitement was only matched by Halo 3 before it. It had a lot of problems, but the amount of good times I had in the game supercedes all of the issues.

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