Remedy explains why Alan Wake is taking so long and confirms new trailer for this month

The site of Finnish mag Pelaaja is about to publish a 50-minute podcast which includes an in-depth chat with Remedy lead writer Sami Järvi on the current state of Alan Wake, why it's taking so long and a proper confirmation that a new trailer is to be shown in Finland on October 15.

VG247's running details of the podcast, in English.

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MaximusPrime3791d ago

alan fake going to follow Too Humane's example. Total Flop

TheMART3791d ago

Too Human 7 out of 10 average. Just a good game

The real flops are on the PS3

Lair flop of 2007
Haze megaflop of 2008

Both rated just above a 5 average. PSflop!

pwnsause3791d ago

i thought it was in the 5-7 range mart. seriously, stop lying to yourself, its not good.

Silogon3791d ago

Lair is an awesome game in all honesty. I loved Lair and enjoyed it very much and still pop it into rack up medal counts. Lair's graphics super exceed 97% of anything on the xbox 360 and roughly 90% of what you see on the Ps3.

Lair was only a flop to idiots who didn't give it a chance and reviewers who couldn't get past the fact that it wasn't trying to emulate any part of the wii experience, but rather a new one all its own. Lair is easily 1 of the best cinematic gaming experiences anyone can hope to have. It looks amazing at 1080P and it runs smooth. They have a patch now for all the cry babies who don't like the motion controls, so check it out and give it a go.

Lair was great and highly underrated, as was Genji 2 (which is still 1 of the top 5 best looking Ps3 games, in my opinion) and Folklore. < Probably the most underated game this gen so far on any system.

Zulwarn3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

flopzone2 is going to follow flopzone1's example total flop

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Crazywhitie3791d ago

I can't Wait to see what they have done with this game, maybe now they will give a Release date...

solidt123791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

"The reason it’s taking so long is simply that it’s a small team and building an open world game is very tough. They just want to take their time with it, but it’s definitely making progress."

Ok I am worried. Why such a small team for a game with so much hype?
Microsoft needs to help them if they want this game to live up to the hype.

lelo3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Yep, i agree. Microsoft should help them. Let's hope it does not take them much longer for the release of the game.

Rute3791d ago

The exact same question was asked in the podcast. Järvi says the project would get harder to manage if lots of additional people are hired and with the project being as hard as it is, they'll rather take the time.

xhairs93791d ago

They have to blur all the background now so that the foreground can look good.

mfwahwah3790d ago

"Ok I am worried. Why such a small team for a game with so much hype?"

Media Molecule and Team ICO. Small teams. Big hype. Big deliveries. I'm making some assumptions, but I think they're pretty safe bets.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3791d ago

Hope looked to have potential whatever this game was about or is about now

GodGinrai3791d ago

I think they should take there time. Make it the as good they can make it.

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