10 Classic PlayStation JRPGs That Need to Make a Comeback

Twinfinite Writes: With rumors brewing about Sony reviving some of their hallmark JRPG series, we take a look at a few that'd be perfect for a comeback.

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PhoenixUp806d ago

Strange how PlayStation has always been a bastion for the RPG genre but Sony themselves can never manage to maintain a longrunning RPG series of their own?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory806d ago

You can partly blame PS3 for that. From PS2 to PS3 was complete change in Japanese Games they released.
Which really suck.

FinalFantasyFanatic805d ago

Are we talking about the whole westernization thing? Or how the press pushed for the "JRPGs need to change" thing?

PhoenixUp806d ago

That's not PS3's fault, it's Sony's own internal structure. Even RPG IPs they started on PSP & PS3 didn't last long

_-EDMIX-_805d ago

Maybe thats because they've "always been a bastion for the RPG genre". Consider this.

When you have Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Yakuza etc and all these other RPGS that move units for you mostly and in some cases exclusively for PS, its hard to really say "WOW, maybe we need to fund our own RPG".


They already have the most by some of the best teams in gaming, I see it as Sony simply investing in WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE!

Mind you, as it stand, it looks like Horizon might very well be the long term RPG for them.

From what I see, Sony chooses to not focus on that as much as they already have that covered.

PhoenixUp805d ago

Every genre always does the best on PlayStation, so by that logic Sony would have no reason to maintain any of their own first party franchises.

There are very few genres that the PlayStation brand does not have, especially in comparison to its competitors.

Sony already has every base covered, yet it still maintains first part titles in many genres. There's no reason for RPGs to be singled out when you can just as easily find third party titles in the same genres that Sony's first party ones are a part of on PS platforms.

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FallenAngel1984806d ago

Why is Demon's Souls on this list when Bloodborne exists?

Bloodborne has been far more successful for Sony to actually commission a game literally called Demon's Souls 2 to happen.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Isn't Bloodborne is a spiritual successor ?

nitus10805d ago

I am quite sure you can compare the differences between Bloodborne (Gothic Horror) and Demon's Souls (Medieval Fantasy) and they are totally different games although both have RPG characteristics. Yes, there are some similarities such as a central hub (Hunter's Dream and The Nexus) as well as the feature where if you lose your experience (Blood echoes or Souls) you only have one chance to get it back.

I could go on and even do a comparison with Dark Souls (you are an undead in one and two) which is sort of Medieval Fantasy in a similar way Demon's Souls is but that will make this reply into a rant if it not one already.

To sum up, yes there are similarities between the Souls/Borne games but if you look at most RPG's they have their differences as well and it is these differences that distinguish each game.

BTW. If you look at Dark Souls 1 and compare it to Dark Souls 2 there are similarities (ie. You are an undead and currency is "souls") and in DS2 if you repeat an area about eight times (limited grind potential) you will totally destroy all the creatures (if you kill them) in the area. This feature is a plus and a minus depending how you like to play the game.

FallenAngel1984806d ago

That's the point. Why would Sony put effort into making something called Demon's Souls 2 when they already have Bloodborne and can make Bloodborne 2

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Relientk77806d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud
Brave Fencer Musashi
Breath of Fire

PhoenixUp806d ago

This is a list that consists solely of Sony first party titles

Segata805d ago

Erm Grandia first appeared on SEGA Saturn. Game Arts games typically first appeared on SEGA consoles and ported to Sony systems later. SEGA versions usually better. Grandia on Saturn isn't censored. Grandia 2 on PS2 has worse cut scenes and awful textures. I think Grandia Xtreme was the first Grandia game to start on a Sony system. All that said. Game Arts owns Grandia. Game Arts isn't a good developer these days. I wish they were. I love Grandia. Breath of Fire is Capcom and the series started on SNES. Musashi is Square owned. LoD and Dark Cloud are IP's that Sony owns, however.

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Shin-Zantetsuken805d ago

Legend of Dragoons 2!!! Do it Sony!! PLEASE!!

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