Why Insomniac's Spider-Man Should Take Some Inspiration From the Arkham Series

One of the common criticisms leveled at the game seems to be that it takes too much inspiration from the Batman Arkham series, but that's not actually bad thing, and this article is dedicated to explaining why.

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PhoenixUp1417d ago

"Well, Batman is technically more of a vigilante than a superhero."

Many superheroes are vigilantes.

ninsigma1417d ago

I don't get the problem people have with the inspirations from Arkham. The Arkham series really nailed it as a super hero game and Spiderman is taking cues from that and building on top of it. That's how games improve over the years, they borrow from each other.

OB1Biker1417d ago

Are there really people who have a problem with it?
I've only seen people referring to it as a good reference.

ninsigma1417d ago

I've seen people mock it on here and FB comments for its similarities. Likely not a widespread thing though.

SCW19821417d ago

Arkham Asylum and City yes, Knight no. Don't make this game an over bloated mess.

ziggurcat1417d ago

I dunno, I think this will be a little more light-hearted, and fun as opposed to dark, and brooding.

Master of Unlocking1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I hope they do cause I really don't want to play with that costume. Although Mark Webb's movies were the better ones, I prefer Spider-man's costume from the Sam Raimi movies. Here's hoping we'll get to customize our experience much like we can do in Batman Arkham Knight and get the costume from the aforementioned movies.

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