The Xbox One X: Here’s How Microsoft Can Change Its Perspective For The Better

The Xbox One X is an exciting piece of hardware, but it's lost some hype with a lack of demo videos and a rather high price. But fear not, as WWG has suggestions on how Microsoft can turn things around.

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PhoenixUp1416d ago

Xbox One X is exactly what people expected it to be. There's not much that can change anyone's perspective about it.

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Obscure_Observer1416d ago

Nice tips. Microsoft already confirmed the trade-in program a while back. ;)

XiNatsuDragnel1416d ago

Microsoft needs more original IP


All MS needs to do is provide great exclusive content and make sure they have the best version of third party games. If MS does that then they will have a good chance at beating Sony next gen.

LP-Eleven1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

They would first have to take Japan and Europe. Until they can get real footholds in those markets, they will never beat Sony. They aren't just losing because they don't have the best versions of multiplatform games and less exclusives. Xbox just isn't as big a brand as PlayStation (not even close, in fact).

To change that image means they have to make MAJOR adjustments that ultimately will make people begin to forget that PlayStation even exists.


I guess you forget how close last gen was without MS doing all the crap u say they need huh. MS just need more of what made the 360 so popular and that will put them back in the fight. MS didn't have Japan last gen yet 360 was the more popular console hands down.

Phill-Spencer1414d ago

"I guess you forget how close last gen was without MS doing all the crap u say they need huh. "

1.5yr headstart, rrod sales boost, 599,- ps3 initial price.......,

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