What should people know about Suikoden?

Whenever people talk about RPG series they would like to see make a comeback, Suikoden is often among the titles named. This Konami turn-based series is known for its massive character rosters, underdog stories where a newly form army challenges and triumphs against an established, opposing force and overarching storylines and concepts. It might be a little daunting, attempting to determine how to get into such a series. Well, [Michibiku is] here to help [readers] get into Suikoden!

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PhoenixUp2010d ago

That it's on PSN so you don't have to pay high prices on eBay to play it

gangsta_red2010d ago

It's a game that should have been brought back for today's consoles.

Fullmetalevolust2010d ago

It is one of the best JRPG's released in Ps1/Ps2 era and needs a revival or an HD collection. Super cheap when it's on sale, can play it on ps3, psvita. It has an amazing story and great gameplay.

gamejediben2010d ago

The greatest 2D RPG series on the PS1. While Suikoden II has the best overall story, I'd put Suikoden V as second best in the series. Also for the love of all that is good and holy, skip Suikoden IV. Its almost unplayable. I'd rank the series as follows:

Suikoden II > Suikoden V > Suikoden > Suikoden III > Suikoden Tactics > Suikoden Tierkreis > eating a steaming pile of dog shit > Suikoden IV

Gaming4Life19812010d ago

Luca Blight was lord on suikoden 2 and that is all that matters!

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