DSi vs PSP 3000 - An Evolutionary Punch Out

So here we are sports fans, two superheavyweight companies have stepped back into the ring and are circling one another with the shiny third revisions of their respective handhelds. The contenders have been duly announced, the stage has been set, so let's head on over the statistics screen and see where each company has improved their game, and identify any missed opportunities that will leave them open to an uppercut.

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SlappingOysters3790d ago

I think Sony really screwed up with the deisgn of the new PSP. The reason I hate using it to play games is because of the control design. It needs incremental triggers and two sticks.

They have failed on both accounts to fix this, so DS FTW

FreestyleBarnacle3790d ago

Yes because it's a great idea to make improvements to a system which make all previous versions obsolete. These changes are supposed to be bonuses and not fundamental redesigns. With these changes a number of the extras which people have for the DS cannot be used. Guitar Hero and Metroid Pinball loose something in this new addition which I think is a poor decision.

sajj3163790d ago

This is not PSP 2 ... PSP3000 is the third generation remodel of the PSP. Taking out the GBA slot renders Guitar Hero useless as well as other games. Its one thing to take out BC in the PS3 and another to take out an item that renders its software useless.

sumfood4u3789d ago

Just like PS3 did when new GB cameout. PSP3000 seem like it has potential but i wish they really bring out great games an not casual games.

PS360WII3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Bah stop it with the no GBA stuff. Honestly it isn't like they are getting rid of the DSL and as we all know this is and upgraded version of the original DS once again. So you can either buy the DS phat, DS lite, or DSi and if you really want the two games that use the GBA slot then buy the other two. If you don't care about those 2 games then why not get the DSi. Not that hard honestly.

Both the units are pretty evenly matched now without the use of homebrew which is nice. Glad they are saying it's a 3MP camera now rather then the .3MP many have been saying.

UltimateIdiot9113789d ago

It's a matter of time before nintendo faze out the DSL. I don't see the phat anymore.

PS360WII3789d ago

Oh it's still there just like you can still buy GBA, GBA SP, and GBA Micro. Give it up the lack of the GBA slot isn't a do or die as much as everyone wants it to be. Plus this was a given that they were going to do it!

FreestyleBarnacle3789d ago

At a time when we're being told how evil it is to buy used goods and how it ruins the industry should a company make it so that a new and heavily publicised game will not be playable on new hardware. I'll admit that I've only had a quick look online but there is no clear way to buy a Gameboy or an original DS new there.
I swear this gen of games consoles seems to be all about getting shafted and not only accepting it but defending it to others. Shouldn't these companies be apologizing for continually doing this to us and then finding a way to fix it? Why should we be grateful for extended warranties and the loss of features?

PS360WII3789d ago

Well it's true that all 3 are taking some things away from us, but they still leave the old around. DSL isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and you can still pick up a PS2 for BC, and yes 360 has a rather long warranty on it.

We as the consumer can do one of two things. Game on or complain about things that can't be undone.

I am surprised at how well GH did on the DS and because of that I'm sure the DSL will be around along side this DSi for some time... unless Activision figures out something to make it work on the DSi

We should be grateful they're still options and we should know that no consoles can ever be perfect for everyone. I don't use the GBA slot on the DS so they can get rid of it for all I care and if I think that way others must as well.

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SolidSnake933789d ago

Lol at Rocky Balboa screen.

man0fsteel3789d ago

haha i was just about to say that. Rocky Balboa vs. Drago... thats classic

Charlie26883789d ago

"I must break you" - Ivan Drago


qface643789d ago

i don't see the big deal about the ds loosing the gba slot it just mean you can't play the first guitar hero and transfer pokemons to diamond and pearl activision will just find another way to play guitar hero so i don't see the big deal