Here is Mario Kart 8 running in 8K on CEMU 1.9.0c

YouTube’s member ‘Will’ has shared a video, showing Mario Kart 8 running in 8K on the latest version of the best WiiU emulator, CEMU 1.9.0c. Will used an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti in order to run this WiiU game in 8K (via supersampling techniques) and from the looks of it the game runs smoothly in such high resolutions.

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freshslicepizza464d ago

All that detail and the snow looks grea, they just have to try and hit a steady 60fps. I'm sure Nintendo is very happy about this.

letsa_go464d ago

I saw a few frame-rate drops on the piano track.

bluefox755464d ago

Am loving the progress they're making with CEMU lately.

derkasan464d ago

I like how sharp it looks. If I had the rig for it, I'd love to test it out.

LordofYogurt464d ago

Fucking the goddamn brilliant game instead of being cheap fucks.

Allsystemgamer464d ago

CEMU needs the rom file which is taken from the disc. They would have had to buy it to do this. Nice try.

addictedtochaos464d ago

Which has undoubtedly been distributed online eliminating a need for a disc.

letsa_go464d ago (Edited 464d ago ) can download any game you want straight from nintendo's servers with the Wii U USB Helper program, and load it into cemu. Even the patches and DLC.

Averyashimself464d ago

I do both. Hear me out as to why. Pokemon Sun and Moon on the 3ds looks like absolute sh*t. See the aliasing in any game footage take from a 3ds. When you play it through an emulator, it looks infinitely better.

Prince_TFK463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

I would love to try that myself really. I played Sun and Moon on the 3DS, and just like you said it looked like sh*t. I know graphic isn't everything, but to me it got so bad that I could not continue to play it.

Averyashimself462d ago

@Kun_ADR Same. I absolutely love the Pokemon series but I just can't get passed that bad aliasing on the 3ds version. This is the exact reason I wish that Nintendo would port Ultra Sun & Moon to the switch, to take care of the aliasing at least a bit.

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