David Jaffe: Call Me Cliffy B.

David Jaffe talks politics, game design, and Re-naming himself in the honest, intelligent, and entertaining way only he can.

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ape0073791d ago

I respect this man

he is great

with all respect to cliffy but


ted price>cliffy

also ciffy has a great game,but he should keep his mouth shut

Marcus Fenix3791d ago

where games would be judged by the devs behind it not the game itself, lol, imagine that someone would refuse 2 buy a game coz Cliffy is behind it, im not defending the guy, he sounds like a jerk sometimes, but we're goin 2 play as Marcus Fenix (looks at avatar :) ) not Cliffy

TheColbertinator3791d ago

@Marcus Fenix

Gears of War is f*cking awesome

BlackTar1873791d ago

Gears does kick ass if its your style my style seems to be everything and with that said Gears kicks ass and i cant wait for part 2

TheColbertinator3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )


Thanks David mean Cliffy B.


Megaton3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Man, I really love Jaffe's... oops, I mean Cliffy B's videos. 100% agree with his take on politics and the networks that report on it. His are the only video blogs I'll actually turn down surrounding noise for (TV, music, etc.) and watch from start to finish.

demonddel3791d ago

sony needs to take care of there developers these dudes look like they on drugs

mfwahwah3790d ago

I'm gonna hate saying "I love Cliffy B," or "Cliffy B really is a rad guy" instead of David Jaffe.

Marcus Fenix3791d ago

"Gears of War is f*cking awesome"

very old news buddy :)

solidt123791d ago

Hey Jaffe, get more involved in God of War III.

cereal_killa3791d ago


I heard that David Jaffe is going to be behind the scenes of the GOW movie.

Beast_Master3791d ago

All I know is if Jaffe has time to cut a video he A) needs to cut one about the game he is working on or B) Tell me how awesome his idea is for his next video game. Tell me that you where playing the latest build of your game and it made you cream yourself, for goodness sakes man at least have a hint in the background of what you are working on.

BlackTar1873791d ago

in the Twisted Metal Head On game.

Twisted Metal is coming to PS3 I hope that helps. When I see the first build of that game im going to cream my pants.

have a good Day LOL

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PirateThom3791d ago

CliffyB > Cliff Bleszinski

TheHater3791d ago

I see what you did there

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