Over 5000 People Lined Up To Win A Chance Of Buying A Switch In Japan | NintendoSoup

It seems the crazy demand for Nintendo Switch hasn’t lowered at all in Japan. Despite the huge amount of replenishments flooding Japanese retailers in the past two weeks, the record for the longest line to purchase a Switch has been broken. Read more

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Erik73571577d ago

Good luck there guys I think ima wait a year before I try

indysurfn1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Good hope you have a easier time by then.

Fist4achin1575d ago

And the first guy in line bought all 10 and turned around to sell them for 3 times the price...

GameBoyColor1575d ago

hard to do that when this is one per customer and in lottery form where line placement doesnt even matter lol

Fist4achin1575d ago

I know. Im just bothered at Nintendo for dropping the ball on the switch. The demand is there and i still cant understand why Nintendo hasnt figured out a solution to keep up with the demand, especially with Nintendos deep pockets.

indysurfn1575d ago

It's Japan not America.

_LarZen_1575d ago

That's insane! :D It's strange that the demand is so high and the availability of the Switch is so low in some countries. Here in Norway most physical stores have it. And online stores have loads ready to be shipped.

OffRoadKing1575d ago

Its not strange at all, its called artificial scarcity.

pootymcpoockle1575d ago

It's well documented that it's due to a parts shortage.

Give up.

OffRoadKing1574d ago

@ PeteyMcPickle

Yeah I've heard all the damage control and apologist stories already. Give up.

kevnb1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

this is the same country where you probably cant even give away an xbox one, so its not that strange.

indysurfn1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Maybe the people in Japan should take the shipping hit and buy the ones up in Norway. I shop outside the USA all the time. Some times shipping cost is not bad at all.

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