Say Your Final Goodbyes, Flappy Bird Won't Be Compatible on iOS 11

Flappy Bird indeed won’t be compatible with our iPhones when the official operating system launches this fall.

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Meet the victims of digital distribution – games you can't buy anymore

When a game released exclusively digitally disappears from distribution, it becomes impossible to play it legally. Actually, quite a few gems have disappeared in this manner, with the legendary P.T. being just the beginning of the story.

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Nyxus1206d ago

I'll support physical for as long as possible.

melons1206d ago

Nice message and physical should always be supported, but I am not supporting this article being set across like nine pages.

CDbiggen1206d ago

GTI Club! Finally someone mentions it. Loved that game

AK911206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Ugh multipage article.


New Overwatch Mod Allows Fans to Play Flappy Bird as Pharah

Using Overwatch Workshop, Thriver9 has created an Overwatch rendition of the popular Flappy Bird game.

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iPhone Users Can't Play FlappyBird atfer iOS 11 Update

FlappyBird, one of the most infamous games in recent history is still a game that’s being played nowadays. The newest software update to iPhone’s Operative System will be incompatible with Flappybird.

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pressjudge2200d ago

I heard FlappyBird will be only available for the iOS user on the iPhoneX

Fullmetalevolust2200d ago

well, that's just criminal, hehe.

Zjet2200d ago

Its a 32bit app. iOS 11 is only compatible with 64bit apps.

App developers have been informed for the last 2 years that they need to update their apps to avoid this problem.

Customeers have been made aware with every new firmware update but no one reads patch notes.