Hit The Lights: The Greatest Horror Video Games Of All Time

Prepare to get scared silly with WWG's picks of essential survival horror games. P.S. bring a blowtorch.

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ifrit_caress1417d ago

This is quite a good list. I certainly agree that Silent Hill 2 is one of the best horror games of all time. I'm just a little sad that I'm never gonna play P.T.

Minute Man 7211417d ago

Alan Wake does not belong on that list

affrogamer1417d ago

lol the fact that there isn't a single resident evil game on that list; unless they aren't considered "survival horror" games smh

BrianOBlivion1416d ago

maybe check the list again.

GamesMaster19821417d ago

I really would not class P.T as a game at all, i mean it was one corridor. And scary if you are 12 years old and like jump scares.