PopMatters: Little League World Series Baseball 2008 Review

Mike Schiller writes:

"Whether a game centered on the Little League World Series was strictly necessary is up for debate, but regardless, here it is. The primary problem is that the Little League World Series is simply not a lucrative enough license to hang a gaming franchise on. When it's actually happening, it's largely relegated to ESPN2 if it gets any coverage at all, and most gamers, even the ones who are tremendous baseball fans, would be hard pressed to even name the finalists in this year's Series. Without the benefit of a true draw, whether it be one of a name brand, or a flashy graphical engine (as flashy as the DS gets, anyway), or even a truly groundbreaking control scheme (though it's close), Little League World Series Baseball 2008 is destined to be forgotten. As it turns out, in a video baseball climate with no shortage of arcade baseball games and simulations, there's little need for something in between the two."

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