Have You Played… Silent Hill: Homecoming?

RPS writes: "You know that feeling when you’ve eaten all of the best chocolates in a selection box and then one night you’re really craving some chocolate, and you’re faced with the possibility of eating a coffee cream or some other monstrosity? It’s OK to admit that you’ve eaten that chocolate, and it’s OK to admit that you kind of enjoyed it.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is the coffee cream of Silent Hill games. The worst thing about that is that it’s the only Silent Hill game that’s available digitally on PC."

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FTLmaster437d ago

Silent Hill Homecoming really isn't *that* bad, I actually think it's pretty underrated. The signs were bad from the start (first western developed SH, inexperienced dev etc) however it's got a resonant, quite nuanced story. And the atmosphere's spot on. Yeah, it's not the seminal SH2, SH3 or SH but it's a very solid SH imho.

GamesMaster1982437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Yep played it and i thought it was quite good, also Downpour was as well. I mean they were not in the same league as Silent Hill 2 or anything but still were good games. I just wish we were getting another Silent Hill Game.

Summons75437d ago wasn't complete trash but it certainly wasn't a good Silent Hill game. I'll take it over Downpour any day of the week though.

gangsta_red437d ago

I actually enjoyed Homecoming, I thought it was one of the better SH games after the original three.

evilsooty432d ago

Don't - it's bloody awful.