Revisiting - Final Fantasy XIII (2009)

Join Screen Critics as we take a look back at Square-Enix's controversial Final Fantasy XIII. What did you think of this hugely divisive outing?

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PhoenixUp1104d ago

It's only a matter of time until this gets rereleased

Lexreborn21104d ago

I liked Final Fantasy 13, out of the Trio it had the most balanced story even if the gameplay progression was pretty all over the place.

I think the biggest issue with it was its reliance on Lightning when it was clearly more about Fang and Vanille. I think Fang would've been a much better protagonist in charisma and likeability. lightning was just a female version of cloud and Squall.

13-2 had better gameplay but a terrible story. And because of that I realized I didn't even want to bother with 13-3. Mostly because I just don't care for Lightning as a character.