Game-boyz Review: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Game-boyz writes: "To say there is an overwhelming amount of World War II video games on the market would be an understatement. Why are there so many? Well, simply put they sell and gamers love them. The Call of Duty, Metal of Honor, and Brothers in Arms franchises have been the leaders of the pack when it comes to this genre. So it comes as no surprise that Ubisoft has deployed another installment in the hit Brothers in Arms simply titled Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. This third installment follows a squad of men from the 101st Airborne Division (502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment)."

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Silogon3791d ago

This game really isn't that bad. I was set to dismiss it until playing the demo today on PSN. It was actually a very fulfilling experience and a very different one than you'd get from any other FPs on the market. There is a place for this game in the fPS fans collection, that's for sure and that is also something that can't be said about alot of FPS on the market today.

dale13791d ago

i bought the game and the graphics are not the best by along shot,this in my opinion is a rent save your cash as i might be returning this before the days out i just can,t seem to get in to it, i had higher exspectations, visuals are so bland medal of honour springs to mind was it really 3 years to put this together.with mgs4,call of duty,uncharted,heavenly sword etc it does seem so last gen at times,bioshock looks good though will be day one purchase lost a great exclusive for the 360 there.hells highway 6 out of 10 so far really wasn,t worth the 2gb install bummer