Second Opinion: Debunking The Myths Of Dark Souls

HPP: On this week's episode of Second Opinion, we try to debunk the myths espoused by Dark Souls lovers and Dark Souls haters alike.

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derkasan443d ago

Not going to deny that a lot of Dark Souls comes down to memorization - how many people ate it to the dragon on the bridge the first time they played the game?

Leeroyw442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

Shudder..... Agreed.
My first experience was Bloodborne and I played that first town area for five hours before my bro showed me I was playing it wrong.
He was right.
Love all the games.

jerethdagryphon442d ago

Whitch dragon and whicth bridge

zen_hydra443d ago

The Souls games changed the way I play games, and for the better. When I first tried Demon's Souls, back when it first started getting a little buzz, I was absolutely turned off by it's obtuseness. I didn't understand that you were supposed to die over and over again, learning from your mistakes. I didn't understand that the skills I developed as a player of the game were more important to my success than my character's stats or equipment would ever be. I walked away from it for about six months. I really had no intention of giving it another try, but on a lark one day I gave it another try. All of a sudden I made a realization about what the game required of me as the player, and I fell down the rabbit hole. Now I consider the SoulsBorne games to be among my very favorites.

meganick443d ago

My experience with Demon's Souls was similar. I found it very off putting at first and gave up early on after only defeating 2 or 3 easier bosses. I let it rest in my collection for about a year before revisiting it. Then I realized the greatness of the game's design and ended up playing through to the end.

UltraNova443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Damn dude its as if you stole my memories! I tried DemonS back when it came out and shelved it for 6-7 months before it came to me one day to give it another go. Then it clicked, I realised what From expected me to learn and I did, I observed, I tried, I learned to retreat I persevered, I learned to be patient and look for openings, I've changed as a gamer and I got gud. The Soulsborne series is by far my best game series and I've never thought I'd say this but here I am in my 25+ gaming years...