Limited Run Games' Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Sells Out Within Two Minutes

Limited Run Games’ 8k print of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap gets gobbled up faster than you can say Mecha Dragon. .

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derkasan466d ago

Good to see that the game is so popular.

Veneno466d ago

Limited run only makes 4,000 copies of their games. Hence the name. They sell out of every game the put to disc.

dead_pixels466d ago

This particular release had 8k copies - 3k CE and 5k standard edition. The same as Night Trap is getting.

derkasan466d ago

Still, 8k sales in two minutes is pretty good.

Timesplitter14466d ago

Never heard of this game until now but it looks gosh darn beautiful

dead_pixels466d ago

Glad I got my CE! Next week with Night Trap is going to be a bloodbath.

rainslacker466d ago

I really like what LRG is doing with these releases, but their model for releasing physical games is so annoying for those who actually want these games. Not everyone can be strapped to a computer waiting for them to become available. While I understand they're a small publisher, I really wish they'd look into providing more copies of these games so people who want them can get them.

Almost all their releases sell out within minutes to hours. That denotes demand, and if demand is there, I would like it to be fulfilled.

MetalProxy466d ago

More copies? Um no then they couldn't call themselves limited run games. If you want this game (has different cover) go to Play Asia. They have plenty.

rainslacker466d ago

They can make more copies and it can still be limited. Some games only have 2-3K copies made. If games are selling out in 2 minutes, then 10K copies may be more prudent. Or more if there really is that much demand. Their name doesn't imply that they have to keep things so small. Maybe their business infrastructure does, as I don't believe they contract large distribution outlets to provide their products like NIS or Square Enix does.

I'm not saying they should make 100K to a million copies like larger games may get, but something that would meet demand would be great for those who want the games, as well as them because they could make more money, as well as for the developer of the game, as they would sell more copies. I understand they don't want to have a lot of excess stock, and maybe this business model is what's best for them to ensure they don't take a loss, but it seems that most of the time, I can't get their games directly from them unless I do a lot of planning to be available to order, and I've seen others in the collectors community who are annoyed with it as well. They aren't hating on what LRG is doing, just the fact they can't actually get these unique items which will likely never be seen again.

The only one's that really gain by them keeping it extremely limited are the collectors who manage to get a copy, and based on what I've seen, quite a few of them just resell these copies on Ebay at jacked up prices. Not all....I still have my copies of games I did manage to get, but I miss out on quite a few releases because they announce their games will go up for sale at a certain time...usually during working hours during the week with another set being sold at a time when a lot of people may not be able to be home(commuting from work) so it just gives availability to those who have more means to make it in time. Often times, I have meetings I have to attend on the days and times they open up a game for sale, so I can't just jump on the computer and sit there refreshing the screen to order. But as far as the resellers go, I'd rather see that extra money go to LRG, the devs, and the extra money be left in the pockets of those who actually want the game.

For the most part, I don't like having to jump through hoops to get the games I want. I like LRG. I even have met and spent time with a couple of the guys over at Mighty Rabbit when they were making Saturday Morning RPG. They're great guys who love games and I see what they're doing with LRG being something that is quite nice to both collectors and smaller devs. I just want to have more convenience and availability when buying the games themselves. I'm a collector, but to me, about half their games are titles I would really like to have a physical copy of, because I'm more a retro gamer, and digital, while cheap, won't usually give me the lasting product that I am looking for.

Segata466d ago

Play Asia releases many of the same games LRG does. Just a heads up. Wonder Boy for example in English is still up to buy at Play Asia.

rainslacker466d ago

Yeah, I know they do sell a lot of games like these. But I still would like to get US releases. I use PlayAsia for some imports though.

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CrimsonWing69466d ago

I think what they should do is put up pre-orders for a day, then cut them off.

Then produce the amount for pre-orders.

Sure it'll take longer to get, but at least it's fair and they could actually do more business.

Limited Run, just freaking do a 24 hour pre order and then cut it off. Because now it's like trying to get amiibos or an NES Classic Mini...

I was at a computer for the CE and it told me I was in line to get it and not to refresh the browser... suddenly it comes up "Sold Out", went back to get the regular and it was "Sold Out".

That's incredibly frustrating. Missed out of Furi the same way... and I was hoping to get the soundtrack.

rainslacker466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Yeah, I had a similar problem with SMRPG. Put in the collector's editions in my cart for both the VIta and PS3 version and when i went to check out less than a minute later, got my CC info in, and hit submit, it said it was sold out. A lot of people complained about that so it wasn't just me.

Luckily, I was able to snag the regular versions of both the Vita and PS3 versions so I wasn't overly upset.

I think the only one I really will try hard to get is Ys Origin which I believe releases in August. Ys is my favorite series, and I have the digital version on PS4 and Vita, but I really want the physical versions of that game to put into my Ys collection. I'd be upset if I can't get it.

I'd go for Wonderboy tonight in 90 minutes, but I'm about to leave work, then have to go straight to some social event with my wife, so no time to sit there and get it.

Segata466d ago

The Play Asia version is fully in English. PS4 is region free and the game has no region.

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Relientk77466d ago

Wish I knew it was on sale today...

dead_pixels466d ago

They just updated the site to state there will be a second wave at 6PM EST. Set your alarm, brobot.

Relientk77466d ago

Oh thank you I'll go for it

Segata466d ago

It's avail on Play Asia dude.

I got mine in the mail a few days ago.

Relientk77466d ago

Thanks for the link, its impossible to get it on Limited Games with how fast they sell out

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