Composer Of Dishonored, Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Passes Away

Daniel Licht, the composer who worked on Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Silent Hill: Book Of Memories and Downpour recently passed away due to some rare form of Sarcoma.

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-Foxtrot465d ago


Seriously? Dishonored had a great soundtrack even the little songs used and created for the game. Such a shame.

UCForce465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Jesus Christ ! Another one ? First the lead designer of Anthem who is the former Mass Effect Trilogy and Dragon Age. Now this ? "Sigh" Peace to the Fallen. I'm not just sad. I'm also angry about this. Why so many talents people died ?

LP-Eleven464d ago

It's part of life. Unless the deaths were preventable, there's not much being angry can really accomplish.

Relientk77465d ago

I hear your music all the time in the Dishonored franchise so thank you for that. You will always be remembered

Wallstreet37465d ago

Seriously rip smh I also found out prodigy from one of my favorite rap groups actually didn't die from sickle cell but choking from an egg while at the hospital smfh wtf

Seriously both talented ppl dying too soon.

bumbleforce465d ago

Miamoto is next I'm calling it