Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Update Available Now And Includes New Cars

Hello Blog Readers and GT Fans! I enthusiastically return to the blog with very good news. Hitting on our promise to continue to evolve the GT series, a new update for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is NOW available. This update adds three new vehicles to the game's line-up, plus a number of gameplay and performance enhancements we think you'll be excited about. Here we go…

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Jake the Muss3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Pity about no Damage update (yet!), but hey I'm not going to complain about a free update, especially one that gives me some new cars to buy.

I actually quite enjoy these roll-out updates by Polyphony Digital; it shows the developer is fully committed to supporting it's products but I wouldn't expect anything less from PD. Just when I think I'm finished with the game out comes an excuse to pick it up again.

I'm quite intrigued by the new GT by Citreon; that car looks like it's straight out of Blade Runner.

myke66993788d ago

This is the first of the update leading to the full spec III for GT5P. I wouldn't count out damage as being part of the update but personally I'd rather have new tracks, better penalty system (to simulate damage), private lobby, voice chat. I don't think you can expect any more than that considering that GT5P is, after all, a glorified demo.

Marcello3788d ago

I was hoping for some Trophies, would have given me a good excuse to start over again.

whoelse3788d ago

Custom Soundtracks and Trophies could improve the game by miles!

Tapewurm3787d ago

I think the voice chat and being able to set up private races with friends only should be top priority. These two adjustments would make the "Glorified Demo" absolutely Amazing!!! Get on it Polyphony!!!

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bumnut3788d ago

i got bored of this game a long time ago

bumnut3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

what? i don't like gt so you assume im a forza fan?

i got bored of it because there is nothing to do except race around the same very limited number of tracks.

thereapersson3788d ago

So if they released more tracks, you'd get back into the game? Personally, I think that they should release more tracks, but when you think about it, this is is a prologue, and not the real game (GT: 5). The amount of stuff they are providing for FREE is already astounding, and (to me) well worth the asking price.

It would be cool if they released more racing circuits for the game, but because GT:5 isn't out, it's not as bad as we think.

myke66993788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

You're obviously not a die-hard GT fan. On the other hand, I've spent over a grand just to play this game: a Logitech G25 steering wheel ($250), a Sharp Aquos 32" 1080p LCD ($1000), HDMI cable ($100), Headphones ($300), 2 copies of GT5P ($80). And it's worth every penny I've spent. And of course, a PS3 ($400).

PirateThom3788d ago

Why would you buy a $100 HDMI cable?

HDMI is digital, a cheap cable will give the same results as a expensive one.

VF34EJ253788d ago

I'm personally waiting for the Nurburgring track or Infineon Raceway (my home course in real life)

myke66993788d ago

Because I can afford it. Of course I can pay $20 for the Chinese made cable but I'd rather pay a bit more knowing that it is made here in North America- it just help me sleep better at night.

bumnut3788d ago

i will buy gt5 when it is released, but prologue is boring for me now.

popup3788d ago

If you were the guy in 1st place on every race leaderboard and had every car then I could understand. Race and car fans don't get as bored because the game simulates their passion for cars not for concole games maybe.

thereapersson3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

You fail to use proper logic in this arguement. It isn't about utilizing cables that are made in the US, it's about going through the proper channels to ensure you save money. I laugh people who say "Oh, because I make the money, i'm free to make IDIOTIC purchasing decisions.". This isn't about how much money you make, it's about having the intelligence to discern what is a good deal, and what is masquerading as a good deal when it's really a subpar product.

You using available funds as an excuse to waste your money on overpriced cabling is ridiculous. I went on and bought a CAT-2 HDMI 1.3A certified cable for 15 dollars, and every time I see someone buy a Monster Cable HDMI cable when I am in Best Buy, I silently laugh to myself. You are just trying to justify the fact that you paid 100 dollars for a name and a few marketing gimmicks on the package, and those that can see through that will tell you if you really did buy a 100 dollar HDMI cable, you wasted your money. It's like when people buy BOSE surround sound systems, and then try to convince themselves that they made an excellent purchase because they overspent on something that could have been built for half the price.

Just because you have the money to spend doesn't mean you have the intelligence to properly utilize those funds.

3788d ago
RonDeMuerte3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The difference in quality between Chinese made and Japanese made is huge!!!!!!

China has the largest population out of any other country on mass produces everything in the cheapest way possible.....

Ben10543788d ago

give the guy a break,
the cheap ones in japan arent made as good, i brough a £10 HDMI and after a few months the plastic coating started to come out of the socket. so now he has got a $100 HDMI cable he can sleep well for the next 100 years knowing that nothing is gonna go wrong with it, also you get a free garrantee/insurance with the expensive ones.
also why sell $100 hdmi cables if noone buys them

thereapersson3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Why sell them? Because the general public (as consumers) are rather ignorant, and will buy whatever is presented to them. Most people don't want to do research on what is a better investment; they would rather just buy what they are told is the best, even if it's all BS.

Also, there is a difference between getting something at wholesale price from a corporation, and buying something at retail at the same price because it's manufactured for extremely cheap.

I can't believe I lost a bubble because people around here are too dense to realize common sense when they see it. Then again, i've been here long enough to realize that most people are complete fanboy fools...

Quisp3788d ago

I buy Monster cables, but, on Ebay for hardly anything.

Still_Breathing3788d ago

I'm not arguing if $100 HDMI cable is a wise investment. I just want to say, using cost as the only judgement is not very wise. That's how we get ultra cheap quality products from China that don't last as long.

Blakzhuk3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

If you want Nurburgring buy Forza 2.

na2ru13787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

1080p TV NEEDS EXPENSIVE hdmi cable for higher bitrate tranfer otherwise audio would skip due to bottleneck data tranfer.

This is what happened to me when i tried 1080p game such as GT5p with my cheap hdmi cable. sound stopped a second many times. I brought £30 hdmi 1.5meters and sorted. £89 cable were also available lol. they have a much higher bitrate transfer but only for future proof since no device can output in such high bitrate.

1080i/720p can manage fine with $15 cable.

Yipee Bog3787d ago

when i bought my launch ps3 i got a 3 FOOT hdmi for $59.99. just bought the cable in your link for under five dollars total. i only have a 1080i TV, so not worried about 1080p

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rockleex3788d ago

I had no idea this was coming.

This must have been the least expected update in the history of updates.

3788d ago
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