Crackdown, City Life

Real Time Worlds have updated their dev blog at IGN.

"It's a scary, frightening thing to let your children out into the world – even if they are armed with super-strength and a rocket launcher. So just after the release of the "Crackdown" demo this Tuesday, we here at Realtime Worlds were hovering around our computers, waiting to see what the world thought of our massive, superhuman, gun-wielding baby.

Apparently, the verdict is in and you guys are LOVING it! We've loved it for years now, of course, but it's both exciting and thrilling to read all the positive feedback from gamers actually playing the game! So a big, rocket-propelled "thank you" to all who downloaded the demo and put some time into the streets of Pacific City. We can't wait for you all to get your hands on the final game on Feb. 20!"

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InMyOpinion5227d ago

is so good I'm going to buy two copies, so that I can eat one while I'm playing the other. The live co-op mode is the most fun I've had since...well...Gears live co-op =)

Fuzz McDeath5227d ago

...I had a blast last night playing with my brother for 2.5 hours (the demo kicked us out twice, so we fired it back up again). Can't wait for the retail copy. I once thought it would be good fun and that Halo 3 beta code would be the selling point, but now I realize the game itself is the selling point and the Halo 3 beta code is just the icing on a delicious cake...

Yo Wassap5227d ago

One of the best games i have ever played and easily the best demo. It's just got a fun factor that's off the scale. And as you said fuzz the beta is another bonus!

DG5227d ago

Ohhhh yeah I forgot about the Halo beta...this game is fun...and I was hating on it before bcause of the grfx