Atomic Gamer: Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Preview #2

Atomic Gamer writes: "Ever ask yourself what if? What if I hadn't eaten ten pounds of kettle corn last night? What if I'd remembered to wear deodorant today? What if Frodo had failed in his mission to destroy the One Ring?

While the people around you might find the second question the most compelling, fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy would probably vote for the third. The hugely-popular fantasy masterpiece has a long history of thrilling readers, movie-goers and more recently, gamers. Over the last twenty-five years or so, the market's seen a lot of LOTR games, most of them doing their best to faithfully uphold the existing canon."

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ThatCanadianGuy3789d ago

This game sounds awesome! Im really gonna be broke by the end of this fall :(

Cheeky Gamer3787d ago

It's a shame that Pandemic doesn't release more Conquest-related media to the public. It has the makings to be a real hit this fall.