Rumor: Sonic Mania Listing May Have Just Confirmed Physical Release; Image Of Cover Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "A store listing may have revealed a physical version of Sonic Mania with a very convincing box art."

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-Foxtrot468d ago

If this is true then they better add the disc to the collectors edition and give us a Steelbook over the metallic collectors card the Games code was going to be in.

They've had plenty of time with the delay, if I'm buying a more expensive edition then I at least expect a physical version of the game. Takes nothing to add.

DiceAndRice468d ago

Looks like if this is happening, it won't be until after the release of Sonic Mania so I can't see it happening.

DivineAssault 468d ago

We'll see but if they pull this after people already paid for the CE, theyre going to be pissed.