Five of the Worst Video Game Sequels Ever Made

If there’s one thing that any gamer hates, it’s seeing a video game that they love given a terrible sequel. Not only does it mean that you have to wait an extra amount of time to get a worthy successor to your favorite game, but in some cases, you might just find that this terrible sequel means that you will never see another sequel ever again.

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Cy1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I don't know why I click on these list articles and expect anything in depth. This would have been a lot more interesting if the person who wrote it spent more than five sentences talking about each game. Especially DMC2, FF13, and Other M, because there's a lot to talk about there. I will give them credit for going against current shitty "journalism" trends and keeping the whole list on one page, instead of splitting it up into two or, even worse, putting each game on its own page, though.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie1030d ago

As the writer, I do wish I could have wrote more about each subject.

Swiftfox1030d ago

Out of curiosity, why couldn't you write more about the specific games?

New_Age_Retro_Hippie1030d ago

Gah, now I feel bad lol. I need to see if I can't do write-ups for the ones I care most about, Other M and Sticker Star.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

Basically, it's easier to get approval for an article about a general concept than it is to get approval for games that date back to as early as the PS2 era. I have a little more leeway now than I did when I first wrote this article, so I am thankful that I can more articles about specific, older games than I used to.

Also, I can't really figure out how to reply to comments without comments. I am, perhaps, somewhat derp at this.

Venox20081030d ago

I have really enjoyed Metroid other M despite some of its problems

TekoIie1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I think at it's core it had potential (in terms of gameplay) but wasn't executed well.

It had an interesting mesh of 2.5D and 3D gameplay but was really lacking in Metroidvania elements which should be mandatory for any entry in the franchise. I'm not even going to talk about the story... I'd rather forget it...

It was fun but certainly not worthy of being a Metroid game.

New_Age_Retro_Hippie1030d ago

I can respect that, it's part of why Other M didn't get the top spot, haha. I don't think any game in the list is objectively bad (and if I say that phrase I was probably being stupidly hyperbolic lol), but for me it was more the scale of how disappointing they were.

Tedakin1030d ago

Yeah seriously, total lack of effort. One horde mechanic repeated 8 times or something... And the exact same city model with shitty boring textures.

Nacho_Z1030d ago

I liked DMC2, don't remember much about it other than cheesing the final boss but it was a solid sequel. FF13 was crap.

InTheLab1030d ago

I thought the gameplay was ok but the shift 8n setting killed the game for me. You go from this cool castle and medieval type setting on the first game to generic back streets, that dumb ass helicopter fight, and an underwater level.

Nacho_Z1030d ago

I suppose it was a bit of a drop in quality, from a 9 to a 7 maybe, but it doesn't belong on a worst ever sequels list. I also preferred the medieval setting but in fairness a more modern feel does suit the franchise better.

VersusDMC1030d ago

Megaman x7 was an unplayable mess when i played it when it came out. 3rd birthday aka parasite eve 3's story was atrocious and technically aya brea only cameos in that game. Every silent hill after 4. Onimusha 3 tried to go Hollywood and put in time travel. Dino Crisis 3 with Dinos in space. My personal list.

deadfrag1030d ago

Onimusha 3 is a great game never the less!

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