The 15 Rarest and Most Valuable Nintendo Wii Games of all Time

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The six-year lifespan of the Nintendo Wii produced hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of games, but not necessarily for the better. That's because most of them were cheaply-made forms of shovel-ware that usually ended up in a department store bargain bin (if they hadn't started there to begin with), but not all Wii titles are bound to this fate. The 15 games seen here are the biggest of the big ticket items in the Wii's library.

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Einhander1971537d ago

I Have the zelda skyward sword collectors edition, good news if the value will keep rising.

Relientk77537d ago

I have it too, I wanted the game and the golden Wiimote

RosweeSon536d ago

They were very nice I got one to use and kept a spare for collection got the gold nunchuck to go with it but had to get that from Japan

EddieNX 537d ago

I absoloutely loved Skyward sword, cant wait for the inevitable Switch remaster.

ObviousGoldfish535d ago

It was dumbed down more than Smash Bros.

The 10th Rider535d ago

I really doubt the value is going to rise as much as they think it will. Used it's worth $70 or so . . .That's like $30 for the Wiimote, $30 for the game, and $10 for the CD. That's a slight markup for the gold edition Wii remote, but other than that each item is only selling for it's typical value.

New might be a bit different, but I doubt anyone commenting has a new copy.

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Game4r536d ago

wow dragon ball and one piece both on there. i own one of those games!

inStereo536d ago

I kept missed opportunity to get the gold nunchuck - it would show up occasionally as a Club Nintendo reward.

LastCenturyRob536d ago

No Data East Arcade collection in this list? Pretty rare game.

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The story is too old to be commented.