New Final Fantasy XIII Screens and Info

Some new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII for PlayStation 3. A new Final Fantasy XIII article from Famitsu talks about a new game enigne called "White Engine" that Square Enix is using for the game. The White Engine is a graphics engine that has been developed to improve the image quality of the in-game graphics.  According to the article the "White Engine" also features a new shadow technology that will help increase the feeling of speed in the game.

Scroll down to "Story Images" to view the new screens.

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achira6575d ago

wow, very impressive graphic. prospero666 you are a retard. if this is not enough for you than you should look out of your window, there is the true next gen graphic.

Marriot VP6575d ago

i agree with you achira, even though he's your opposite

OutLaw6575d ago

But there is no way that I would say this game doesn't look Next Gen. This is the type of game that gamers go and buy systems for.

GamerMan6575d ago

I like that a few of the screens are actually in game to give you a good idea how this game will really look. The difference in character between in game and cutscene doesn't look much different at all. The amount that is going on at once is really amazing. I'm going to be getting FFXII this Oct. and I am already drooling over this one. How sad.

Fuzz McDeath6575d ago

...But I've become cynical now. I'll believe it's "in game" when I see it myself (or hear from a reputable source) - You do know that you can add GUI elements to a prerendered video to make it look like its gameplay don't you?

GamerMan6575d ago

Ok looking at what seems to be CGI and what seems to be Gameplay I've noticed that the hair seems less detailed which makes me think those are actual in game shots. Now these are my obvservations and my eyes maybe playing tricks on me. I know you can slap the game tags on top of a rendered in game scene but it seems to me that these are in game. Of course like always only time will tell and waiting for a reputable source is very acceptable.

Kekkei genkai Kid6575d ago

every generation they create a true game that shows other studios they are ahead of the pack
with rpgs

this is what next gen should be excellent now we know at least there will be quality on ps3 and that they where not lying games like ffXIII
and heavnly sword will ship tons of consoles