Retail prepares for 'phenomenal' PS3 demand

Major games retailers have told MCV that they are desperately scrapping for PS3 units, but are resigned to the fact that immense demand will outweigh their initial allocation.

At midnight last night, SCEE confirmed that a million consoles would be made available for retail across PAL territories Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Australasia.

Amazon's console and video games manager James Schall told MCV: "No matter what number Sony decide to give us out of that one million, it won't be enough to supply for the demand out there, which we already know to be absolutely phenomenal. We're in discussions with them and obviously trying to get as many as is humanly possible.

"Our aim is to ensure customers aren't queuing and fighting in the cold, waiting to get their hands on units that don't exist. We want to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for the massive number of customers we're expecting to buy the PS3 from Amazon. We aim to rival the smooth way in which we handled the Wii launch."

Boink6390d ago

did not they learn from US & japan?

everyone wanted one day 1, and by a month later, they were sitting on shelves and being returned, although europe won't have the advantage of there being a strong ebay demand since you can get one pretty much anywhere...

XboxKing6390d ago (Edited 6390d ago )

We all know that it is games that sell a console on the market, and right now the PS3 only has one game I would say is worth buying the console for. (Resistance: Fall of Man) As a result many people are saving their money up so they can pick the PS3 up once more superior games hit. This coming Christmas 2007 is when PS3 should fly off the shelves because of the launch of superior games like MGS 4, Devil May Cry 4, FF 13 and what ever Sony brings out. (Just to name a few games.)
Now if 360 had pulled MGS4, DMC 4, FF13 and other games that are Sony only (That are NOT being Developed or Published by Sony.), then I would say 360 would be king of console war and war over. However 360 has not pulled too many big titles from Sony’s PS3 yet, so Sony still has plenty of fire in it; and, as these games hit the market the PS3 will sell!!! more and more

Juevani6390d ago

Americans got junk food stock up in their heads (no brain but a big mac) Japaneese will come around ;) EU is the land of the PS3.. and mather your bussinese kid your beloved console is out in 36 countries and nobody's buyin it..

power of Green 6390d ago

People are buying the 360; it's just Sony's fairy tales had folks waiting. I wouldn't worry about sale's in 36 countries when Sony's having trouble selling PS3 in their best market place. Do you really think people would buy the PS3 if Reps ect came out and said the Xbox 360 was 3x more powerful than PS3 and it's launch games would be untouchable while showing the Halo 3 ad cgi trailer as gameplay.

Syko6390d ago

Thanks, You are insightful as always. I will be sure to pull the Big Mac out of my head. Good advice. You know what they say "Live and learn from fools and from sages" You my brother are clearly the latter. Can't wait till you have two bubbles! PS3 Rules baby!

DJ6390d ago

And even in the U.S. it's not very popular. 5 million units in 14 months? Big deal. PS3 will probably trample over Microsoft's console within 4 or 5 months over in Europe.

It's important to remember that the really big titles aren't being released until up and around the European launch date. PS2 had a game drought, Xbox 360 had a game drought, and so does the PS3 at the moment.

nice_cuppa6390d ago

17 people on my friends list are people in my local area.

i know nobody who is getting a ps3.

sorry but there you go.

power of Green 6390d ago

360's popular enough the Sku you should get cost $400 bucks that's a hell of a lot of money for a game machine. Visting game shops here and there between Seattle and Portland and folks telling me they wan't a 360 but it cost too much is anything to go by; Cost is the factor not what ever you imply. If you don't think $400 dollars is a problem for many many people you're insane.

devv056390d ago

The Xbox 360 is getting more and more popular in Europe. I have one, my brothers have one, and my friends have or are planning to have one as well. Many people are waiting to buy an Xbox 360 until the PS3 launches, because they want to compare or to wait for a MS price drop.

I know very little people that are going to get the PS3, most of the PS2 owners are all getting a Xbox 360 when I tell them the PS3 is gonna cost 600 euro (about 650 dollars) - strange enough most of the PS3-waiters don't seem to know that, and still think it's gonna cost 400 euro like the Xbox 360. When MS will come with a pricedrop when the PS3 launches here, they will be dealing with great advantages. And I think MS is smart enough for that.

MicroGamer6390d ago

$400 is a bit. I usually won't buy a console if it costs more than $300, but you can get rebates and game deals to offset a lot of the cost over $300. Canadians were getting a hell of a deal from some retailers. For a while they got like 3 games free and one of those was GoW. I got $100 rebate on mine, so it brought it down below my threshold. Nobody is offering anything to incentivize the PS3. When someone starts selling the 20gb with like $150-$200 or the 60gb with $100 more in freebies, I might get it, but until then they can keep it.

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BrotherSic6390d ago

out of interest does anyone know how many 360 were on sale at launch in comparison to ps3?

DJ6390d ago

Allocated 350K to the US, 250K to Europe, and 100K to Japan.

Raiyel6390d ago

okay, well no wonder they we're sold out that's not a lot at all considering sony's ps3 launched with 250,000 and had 2million in circulation within 8 weeks. so to put it simply, the ps3 sold faster and more units then the 360 did when it launched.. i didn't know that... hmm.