DSi Could Be Region Locked & Can't Play MP3s

It seems that the Nintendo DSi might not be region free like previous DS models according to Reggie, who isn't entirely sure though. Also MP3 music playback won't be happening either.

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NovusTerminus3791d ago

Okay, ninety percent of my music is MP3's, why did Nintendo decide not to use them? They are extremely common.

jofra013791d ago

Just like iTunes Nintendo has decided to go with the AAC format, it is smaller in size but has better audio quality.

NovusTerminus3791d ago

Eh... itunes yuck. I had an ipod for about two days and traded it in for a Samsung T9... Much better imo, now I am using a PSP...

But in truth, why not support both?

Final_Rpg3791d ago

Ipods are kickass. 160 gb in my pocket... You can't tell me that isn't awesome.

kindi_boy3791d ago

they don't want to support both to stimulate hackers to hack their DSi faster

Final_Rpg3791d ago

Why not support both...

MvmntInGrn3791d ago

Im not going to convert my whole library. MP3 is the portable standard, not including it is flat out silly.

Dacapn3791d ago

With titles like this, who needs articles? XD

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The story is too old to be commented.