The Escapist: Review: Siren: Blood Curse

One huge plus for Siren: Blood Curse is that it does take advantage of its episodic nature, despite not really being released episodically. Think of Siren not so much as a brand new series, but as something you pick up later on DVD because your friend told you it was worth checking out. With each episode comes a different playable character and thus a different twist on the mechanics, meaning that even if you didn't like the episode you just played you're bound to get something different on the next. It also features a dramatic intro sequence with every episode and ends on the note of, "next time, on Siren." It's enough to make you growl, "previously, on Battlestar Galactica" at the beginning of every new episode before you curl back inside yourself.

Bottom Line: Appropriately enough, Blood Curse is the Siren of 2008 as it's an awkward and ultimately shoddy production that is just unique enough to gain a cult following despite its laundry list of faults and short comings.

Recommendation: Only serious horror junkies looking for a fix need only apply. You'd better have some Silent Hill audio dramas signed by Yamaoka himself.

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DarkArima3790d ago

I still need to download this game.

Dipso3790d ago

Go ahead and download it, if you like horror I doubt you will be disappointed. As for the reviewers "one to many trips to the game over screen"..he obviously just cant hack the challenge. I think the slightly clunky controls add to the experience of terror, but they are rarely frustrating.

baraka0073790d ago

I guess it's not for everyone but I really enjoyed it alot and just have to disagree with the reviewer. The game is not an action horror which may turn some away but it's worth playing IMO if you like horror movies and or games. But just don't expect to be running around blasting everything it's more about hiding and being scared. I would suggest that you play it while you're home alone and in complete darkness with the sound up. These types of games aren't that great when you're with people and the lights are on IMO.