The Good Superman Video Game The World Really Needs

As long as there have been games, there have been games based on superheroes. Most of these tended to range from mediocre to terrible, with only one or two gems popping up every few years.

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FallenAngel1984439d ago

The world needs more good DC videogames that don't feature Batman at all in general

HowBoutDat437d ago

Yeah people seem to be obsessed with batmam, good games but the games have been done to death already, give us a good super man, dead pool, or thor game.

yeahright2437d ago

indeed. I'm batman'd out. I mean, I get it. he's the smartest ever, the bestest fighter, world's greatest everythinger. and he's dark and brooding and cool and all that, but for all the talk of characters like Superman being OP, Batman's way more so. ask any batman fan, "Batman vs *insert name of literally anyone here*" and they'll hands down say Batman because "he'd come up with something."

gamejediben437d ago

I loved the old 1988 Superman Arcade game and just about everyone loved The Death and Return of Superman on SNES. I've been told Superman Shadow of Apocalypse on PS2 and Gamecube was pretty decent but Ive never played it. But for some reason everyone always talks about Superman 64 like its the only Superman game that was ever made. Its starting to get on my nerves a little bit. Superman has had good games in the past and he will again in the future. Stop this nonsense about Superman being un-game-able. It's total BS.

If the rumors are to be believed, Rocksteady Studios is currently hard at work on an original Superman game that will drawn on his full comic book history. They even referenced Superman and Lex Luthor several times in the last Batman Arkham game. Don't be surprised if you see an announcement in the next several months.

Donnie81437d ago

Excellent read! I think your ideas have the potential to make a fun sounding superman game. Superman returns was no goty contender by any means but it was an ok game with plenty of good ideas. If that game had a bit more time in development it could have been really good. Either way is love a great game staring big blue. Hopefully a talented studio somewhere is hard at work on one right now

chrisx437d ago

I read sometime ago about a cancelled recent superman game

Dynisty437d ago

There has been so many cancelled Superman games. It's sad really.