The History Of The Sony Playstation

This is the story of how Sony got into the gaming business. Lots of interesting info in this G4 documentary, highly recommended. It might also change your view of Ken Kutaragi...

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Sphinx5223d ago

You guys crack me up!

THE TRUTH5223d ago

What's wrong with these videos? It has become increasingly evident that some "gamers" on this site have no sense of what Sony is. What's the harm on a quick history lesson?

It could help to stop some of this rabbid fanboy crap we deal with everyday.

Sphinx: I don't even see no hope in responding to you, it's clear you didn't watch the videos!

Sphinx5223d ago

I didn't. I'm at work and do not have the ability to watch and listen. The thing you're forgetting is that I couldn't care less. I don't care about Sony or Microsoft, I only care about the Xbox360 and the PS3. I really couldn't care less about what Sony or Microsoft does as a company... as long as their respective consoles provide entertainment by way of good hardware and software. If Microsoft also sells babies, or if Sony also sells nuclear bombs, it doesn't affect my feelings on how much fun their consoles and games are. I'm here for the games, the fun, the entertainment, the anti-boredom factors, and the ability to play games with friends and family members I don't live near. Other than that, everything else doesn't matter. If you, or anyone else, enjoys learning about companies (I get enough of that in my college classes), go right ahead. I just think it is funny how so many of us on here get so frantic and defensive over their COMPANY of choice.

THE TRUTH5223d ago

If you don't know what your talking about do yourself a favor and STFU! Focus on work man. I have no time to deal with your immaturity! Don't respond just stay away from me and I will do the same to with you! Your just wasting bubbles and making yourself look like an complete a$$

Captain Tuttle5222d ago

and you have 6 bubbles? How'd that happen?

Sphinx5222d ago

The Truth, funny name... ok, let me make sure I understand you: I am making myself look like a complete ass, and I am also immature. Do I understand right? Ok, good.
I went home last night and watched those vids... pretty interesting, except for the fact that I knew most of it already. No biggie, just something I wrote a report on in Business Ethics, I won't go into it here. Anyway, let me give you a history lesson: in the year 1944, my father was born in Chicago. He never met his father since he was born while his father was in WWII, and never returned. His mother remarried, that one died, and she remarried again. My father's last name changed three times. His first name changed twice. My father grew up in a wealthy home, but spent the later teenage years in bording schools. He later became a professional F1 driver, but left that after losing sight in his right eye when he got into an off-track accident.
Long story short? That little history lesson didn't change the present, did it? By you learning a little about my father didn't make your cereal magically have raisins in it, right? Me retelling an old story, did my father suddenly become presently better? Nope. What does all this mean? History is history, it doesn't change the present just because you retell something that happened in the past. Sure, Sony did some pretty cool things, great. No one is disputing that. However, at present, Sony and your beloved Ken are not delivering on the many promises they made. True HD? Emotion Engine? 3X more powerful than 360? Come one, seriously, did you think posting those YouTube videos would make us think the PS3 is super duper cool now? That is why I laugh.
The past may shape the future, but having some history lesson doesn't magically change the present. That is why you crack me up.

Harry5222d ago

You're an ass.

You telling that little story made me change my present view on you.

FirstknighT5222d ago

Ouch! The Truth got pwned hard!!! Good point Sphinx!

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THAMMER15223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

It took me back to when I was in middle school. I loved Play station. I had a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis with the 32x too. When PS1 came out my family was like "[email protected] no boy you got games. But my DAD found a PS1 in one of the old homes he was renovating. He brought it home and I exploded.
But everything is in those video reminds me of why I like XBOX now. They have the games and the developers are happy. I do not think Kin K. Was ready to push Blu Ray yet. I know that Sony was for sure.

So today in 2007 we have some thing different to think about. We can say there is a choice. I could not be stuck in the land of the Wii. Could you? I have evidence of what next Gen games are going to be like from the PS3 and the XBOX360. So do I choose what promises on next gen or what delivers it?

I love GRAW. And damn it if I had a PS3 and only a PS3 and found out that my S#!T was going to be delayed until 2008. I would be LIVID and I would also have the worst buyer’s remorse case ever.

I’m not happy with the PS3 and I refuse to be a charity case. The PS3 will be attractive when it attracts some games. Right now I’m waiting for Sony to bring back what made me happy about them.

Those videos reminded me of what I love about games and games consoles. I love the one that brings me the games and dose not fU(k with my flow. And what is up with the on line stuff. What did you just not copy xbox just alittle. *DAMN!!

ChickeyCantor5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

Snes used a chip named SPC-700 made by SONY
it was the snes DSP.

well sony was producing such things so why not use it?
but then after nintendo wanted more help from sony they broke the contract and sony had to do something with the CD's and there was the PS1.

ha ! in the second part they say SEGA with virtua fighter made developers walk to sony.
sega killed them self!

Harry5222d ago

well sony was producing such things so why not use it?

Well let's say you have worked for years on a games console, now you are stuck, you need someone who can make a media format reader.

Now some other company comes along and says 'we'll give you the parts you need, but we want to own 80% of the console'

Would you do it?

TheMART5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

What about history?

Let's look at the future.

360 is here

And UT2007 aka Unreal Tournament 3 is coming to the 360 after Epic brought us Gears. Another PS3 console 'exclusive' on the best next gen system

Dinosaurs are history, as is Sony with Playstation

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