EGM November 2008 Reviews and Rumors

The latest EGM review scores are in, along with the most recent Rumor Mill articles. Reviews include Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood (GOTM), Mercenaries 2, De Blob, Wario Land, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, among others.

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Sillyace923790d ago

Wow an FPS by Hideo Kojima that would be awesome.

Rick Astley3790d ago

That rumor kinda pisses me off actually 'cause I thought he was working on Zone of the Enders 3.

"- non-Sony property LittleBigPlanet DLC coming very soon including Disney and characters from 3rd party games"


Final_Rpg3790d ago

Rather a new zone of the enders...

TheColbertinator3790d ago

I want Kojima to get cracking on this classic


Old school FTW

BlackIceJoe3790d ago

I am so with you I would love a remake of Snatcher or a sequel. But I also so want to play Policenauts it never came out in the US so the only way I could ever play it would be in Japanese so I have not played the game yet. So to me either game I would love to play.

TheColbertinator3790d ago


Glad to see another old-school gamer.But I think a Policenauts remake would be good on the PSP or the DS though.Snatcher would be great on any console or handheld

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Sevir043790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

^^ man it's gonna be awesome. the PS3 has 2 titles up for Game of the month for that issue with LBP and Resistance 2 and then gears of war 2 for the 360 and there is a chance that Fallout 3 makes game of the month for that issue, i wanna see how ythis goes I wouldn't be surprised if LBP takes the cake or if Gears of War and Resistance equals out and both get the game of the month... FallOut 3 could also do it because it's a very big and hyped game and it's from bethesda they are pretty talented even though i'll be skipping it... it'll be interesting.

and that kojima FPS is gonna rock if it's true. and that DMC styled strider game will rock if capcom does it well. aeesome stuff i cant wait for both issues, i just hope EGM's inner fanboi doesn't come out and unfairly rate PS3 games because they seem to always do. one thing is for sure they can't deny LBP!!!

pwnsause3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

if kojima does make a FPS, i hope he makes it awesome like the First MGS4 trailer back in 05 were the first scene of the trailer was when you are in FPS view as a PMC. and knowing him, hes going to push the graphics to the next level.

BTW something tells me that this is the game he was talking about that he wanted to make. He Stated that he wanted to create something different and new. it could be MGS5 in FPS mode rofl.

TheColbertinator3790d ago

I hope the Disgaea platformer gets on the PSP by early next year

Bhai3790d ago

...Damn that has got to be the next Ico game announcement... you see they showed it like "a sundial in a field of flowers", and then say "its a secret to everyone else but us"... I am just so envious of the mag, they look like they've seen something out of Ico-3 that obviously we haven't...

Aclay3790d ago

Wow... it's kinda hard picturing Kojima working on a FPS game, but if the rumor ends up being true and he did, I'm sure it would be pretty groundbreaking because I don't think he would venture into the First Person genre unless he had some big and innovative plans for the game.

...I remember there was Coded Arms Assualt from Konami that was going to be on the PS3 but the game was cancelled... it would be nice if Kojima picked up that project from Konami and put it back into development if he wanted to make a FPS game or just make his on original FPS title.

I would probably have more faith in a FPS game from Kojima if Ryan Peyton was still with Kojima Productions, but as long as Kojima works with the right developers, I think the game would turn out pretty good if the rumor ends up being true.

And Heck, If Kojima made a FPS game, maybe he would get the Japanese interested in the FPS genre and not just JRPG's all the damn time.

But honestly I would probably rather see Kojima do something else than a FPS game because there's already 4 upcoming Exclusive Shooters for the PS3 (KZ2, Resistance 2, M.A.G, SOCOM) and it would be nice to get Z.O.E. 3 from Kojima or a brand new IP.

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