NBA 2K17 Shipped 8.5 Million Units; it's Take-Two's Highest-Selling Sports Title Ever

Take-Two annouces that NBA 2K17 is the publisher's best selling sports game ever, while NBA 2K18 is expecting to be the largest contributor to sales in the current fiscal quarter.

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441d ago
mcstorm441d ago

That's amazing numbers for a sport that is not really big outside the usa

2pacalypsenow441d ago

It's pretty big in China and Europe.

mcstorm440d ago

I forgot about china but is it really big in Europe? Never thought it was ide say Ice hockey was bigger in Europe than basketball but I maybe wrong.

Razzer440d ago

NBA basketball or just basketball in general?

2pacalypsenow440d ago

Basketball, they have the Euroleague, which is the second best league behind the NBA

mcstorm438d ago

I mean basketball in general I know the NBA is big outside the us just like the nhl and NFL but I just did not think it was a big sport in Europe you don't see much on tv and uses although I do live in the uk where we only show Football Rugby Cricket and golf haha.

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Apocalypse Shadow440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

That's great! Domination that I don't always agree with but support in this instance.

Just think what **NFL 2K17** or **2K18** would be selling by now. If I were Take Two, I would have showed up at the NFL's doorstep every year with NBA sales and showed them what type of quality and advertising of their game they lost by accepting the EA monopoly.

PhoenixUp440d ago

Speaking of NBA, is anybody going to stop in the middle of playing basketball on a court to play it with their friends on Switch like in the unveiling video

Gemmol440d ago

Yeah after a few games you tired, but you don't want to go back home so you sit on a park bench and get a game or two while everyone still outside

C-H-E-F440d ago

I really hate when I hear my grown behind friends say... you trynna hoop today? and they are talking about playing 2k... I'm not old, but I do know back in my day, saying you wanna hoop today meant go outside/gym and play ball in REAL LIFE. lOl. 2k has ruined the world lOl... However I still rock with 2k, best basketball experience you can ask for in gaming and it's only getting better however 2k9 is still my favorite.

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