Nintendo NOT publishing Fatal Frame IV - Says Reggie Fils-Aime

Reggie confirms that the rumors about Nintendo publishing Fatal Frame IV are untrue.

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TheColbertinator3794d ago

Hopefully Tecom publishes it so that they can make some cash after the Itagaki lawsuit

qface643794d ago

but nintendo published the japanese version?

Lelouch V Brit3794d ago

Great News, I'm So Happy As A Chick In her Prom Night. Please Tecmo Release A Xbox 360 & PS3 Version or at least A Noth America Wii Version.

The_Firestarter3794d ago

For the love of God, please let there be PS360 Fatal Frame 4!!!

qface643794d ago

how does nintendo not publishing the game in the US mean its coming to the ps3/360? its still a wii game

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