Age of Empires: Mythologies DS Details & Screens

Age of Empires: Mythologies is the DS follow up to the, considered by most, successful translation of the "Age of..." series from PC to handheld form. THQ is gearing up for a November release.

Key Product Features:
•Three Unique Playable Civilizations: Command Greek, Egyptian, and Norse
armies in an epic struggle for supremacy.
•Three Unique Single-Player Campaigns: Players will besiege the ancient city
of Troy, battle amongst the pyramids of Egypt, and explore the snow covered
mountains of the North.
•Divine Powers: By choosing specific gods to worship and satisfy, players can tailor their powers and explore a variety of strategies and play styles.
•Expanded Multiplayer Experience: Supports four player battles via local
connection or Nintendo Wi-Fi and offers more maps, customizable rules, and a new Skirmish Mode lets players build their own custom starting armies.
•Single Card Game Sharing: A specialized subset of the multiplayer maps can be played with other DS owners even if they don't have a copy of the game.

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