PSM3 going crazy ?

Ok, so this is Playstation 3 Magazine. Not the official one, but still

Today's menu :

Slapping PS3, PS2 and PSP games.
Rumors about DMC4 and Bioshock
Heavenly Sword delayed til december 2007

And finally, a surprising ad' on the back cover.

Are those guys on crack ?

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Darth Gamer5215d ago

The Cover does say PSM3 right?

Juevani5215d ago

hahaha, the guy most have slipped and hit his head on something (an xbox 360 maybe) hahaha, its funny though.

BIadestarX5215d ago

Even exclusive PS managazine publishers are jumping the sinking ship. Is it that bad that they have to resort to get advertising from other platforms? Sad....

Raist5215d ago

Sony themselves make ads for the 360

Oh my, that's priceless

You can see it @
hurry before it's fixed xD

THAMMER15215d ago

The Magazine Co. is not owned buy Sony. Future can do what ever it pleases.

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The story is too old to be commented.