Nintendo Doesn’t Need To Be On The Same Level As Xbox And PlayStation, And Here’s Why

Nintendo was at the forefront of the industry at one point, and now many folks think it's in a catch-up role. WWG explains why it's not necessarily bad for the company to be in the position it's in.

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PhoenixUp1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

"Usually, when we see games advertised for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, they’re aimed more towards older audience members."

There are plenty of games of varying demographics that get advertised on those platforms that skew towards different age ranges.

"There is no question that companies like to lean on their franchises – they’re just instant sellers provided that the games they are releasing live up to the hype. Microsoft has their Gears of War and Halo, amongst countless others."

Lolwut? Would you mind listing these "countless other" franchises that Microsoft can constantly lean on besides Forza that become "instant sellers" upon release?

mcstorm1416d ago

I do find it funny that people say that the xbox one and ps4 games are aimed at older audience members as I don't know anyone who has got a switch for their kids yet know loads who got the xbox one/ps4 for kids as they want fifa & cod.

It would be interesting to see what the numbers are.

_-EDMIX-_1415d ago

I know many that own Switch, 3DS, Wii U etc that are younger kids.

I also know many that own PS4 and XONE.

PS4 and XONE are not aimed at "older audience" they are actually aimed at what I'd see as a neutral audience.

You can find ip like Knack on PS4 just like you can find ip like Sea Of Thieves or ReCore on XONE, 3rd party makes titles all the time that are not M rated or Teen for PS4 and XONE that move units for them.

PS4 and XONE are not "aimed" only at an "older audience", they have all concepts. MineCraft, Kingdom Hearts, Need For Speed, Plants vs Zombies, Lego Worlds, Dragon Quest, Rayman, Ratchet and Clank, Just Dance, Wipeout, Little Big Planet, Rime, the list goes on. Soooooooooo the stupid argument of PS4 and XONE being aimed at older audience is BS.

Nintendo is just simply aimed at a younger. Nintendo has more MISSING then PS4 and XONE do. PS4 and XONE are not only for a type of audience, Nintendo is the one that is only for a type of audience. They are the ones that have HUGE section missing of content, like entire franchise are missing from their platforms.

mcstorm1415d ago

It depends on how you look at it. How many kids are bought cod and fifa compared to how many kids are bought mario or Mario kart? Just because the games look like a kids game dose not mean that its core auidance are that's the point I'm getting at. For me Zelda is not a kids game.

yellowgerbil1416d ago

I think with the push of power that really started with moving into 3d we slowly started losing a bit of what made gaming fun. Look at the ORDER 1844 or whatever it was called, still probably the best looking game but it has already been forgotten, Whereas Little Big Planet is still beloved.
The Switch realizes this, or maybe Nintendo always knew and it took gamers finally being at a point where we could embrace games for the fun of gaming and not for trying to recreate reality. Indy games realize this and most go for fun 16bit experiences, now with a system that embodies that old school fun, maybe they will try to make larger games following in Nintendo's steps of innovation instead of comfortably sitting in the nostalgic shadow of the genesis and Snes

_-EDMIX-_1415d ago

yes, because no one is having fun on PS4 and XONE.

They are simply looking at games all day without playing them /s

yellowgerbil1415d ago

Im not saying that, but the priorities are out of whack, look at Crash Bandicoot. It is selling like crazy. There is a definite move back towards the old ideals that has been going on, starting with the Indies 6-7 years ago and the Switch really embraces that, that is why I think it will continue to sell great.
With that said I enjoy my PS4, and from time to time find more realistic games that I enjoy, most of which aren't due to the graphics, instead story and world exploration sell me on them. Fallout 4 looks last gen but there is something about exploring that world,

ziggurcat1416d ago

Sure they do... being 1-2 generations behind the competition isn't helping them one bit.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Define Generation.
It sure doesn't mean what you think it is.

ziggurcat1416d ago

I know what it means - I'm speaking solely in terms of HW specs.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1416d ago

You really expect the Switch to be on par with PS4 in that small size.

ziggurcat1416d ago

They could put out a proper console...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1416d ago

And that your problem.
Nintendo didn't want to and many Switch owners don't care.
A game system strong point is the library of games not hardware.

ziggurcat1416d ago

It's hard to build a library of games when 3rd party studios won't touch your console with a ten foot pole.

_-EDMIX-_1415d ago

@Otak- "Nintendo didn't want to and many Switch owners don't care."

They don't care about getting more games?

Help me understand how getting less games helps that platform bud.

In terms of specs, they are always a generation behind and they've put themselves in a situation where new series are NOT coming to them like you see on PS4, PC and XONE, thus, they've created a situation where many gamers can't even rely on Nintendo to even make a system that can play the future titles.

ie you might have bought Wii U and played Assassins Creed IV or Watchdogs 1.

Where is Assassins Creed Unity? Where is Watchdogs 2?

Sooooo doesn't it make sense to buy a new IP on a system that is so damn inconsistent that you might not even get its sequels?

It simply means that MOST will buy it on PC, PS or XB as they have a history of keeping their systems UP TO DATE to what 3rd party want to support entire SERIES.

SO when a new IP comes out, they are likely to side with PC, PS or XB.

Nintendo did this to themselves.

Look at the history. FFVI

"Nintendo didn't want to" support CD.

Bye FFVII, welcome to Playstation btw

"Nintendo didn't want to" support CD?

Ok. Bye Metal Gear, welcome to Playstation

"Nintendo didn't want to" support better hardware?

ooook, bye Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Battlefield,Battlefront, Splinter Cell, GTA, welcome to PS, XB and PC.

Do you not really understand that "Nintendo didn't want to" also = 3rd party going elsewhere? Sony and MS do what 3rd party need in order for their games to work MINIMUM, ie before XB and PS start talking about key features, they ask 3rd party WHAT THEY NEED! THUS, they get their support.

"Nintendo didn't want to" also means Nintendo don't want that support. ie you get less games.

I don't see how getting LESS games is helping you buddy.

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XiNatsuDragnel1416d ago

Switch has games and variety

_-EDMIX-_1415d ago

lol no.

by default they have the very least variety out of almost all platforms. Right now, Switch only has 1 FPS will have 2 by fall.

Sooooooooo yea.

This system lacks the MOST variety out of all the platforms out, but so did Wii U and 3DS and Wii etc.

When you are missing ENTIRE SERIES, you can't win this battle. It just make zero sense.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1416d ago

Exactly. Why can't all three just do their own things?
We don't need three of the same systems

ziggurcat1416d ago

NIntendo can still do what Nintendo does best on a system that's as powerful as the competition. Their aesthetic doesn't mean that they have to go with weaker HW compared to Sony/MS.

yellowgerbil1416d ago

Yes it does. If they were to release a system on par with the sp4 it probably would be at least 500$ instead of 300.
It isn't their priority, nor should it be yours. Graphics don't matter. Zelda is better than any game released on xbox for sure, and even with the very best on ps4 if not better than that too.
This focus on graphics above all else is what leads to so many boring copy paste games, like the COD franchise that think innovation is just a few more pixels onto a formula that has barely changed in 10 years.

ziggurcat1416d ago

You don't get it. It isn't about making games that are super photo realistic or going the CoD route, etc... it's about utilizing the power to increase resolution, frame rate, AA, lighting, depth of field, particle effects, draw distance, etc... it wouldn't be focusing on graphics above all else, it would be about improving on what they are very good at doing.

Razzer1416d ago

Not with a hybrid form factor. That is the Switch's selling point. If Switch was floundering then you might have a point, but so far it has been a huge success.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1416d ago

You do know developers don;t have to make ports or multiplatforn right? And you thinking too much of western developers. Switch is going to have 90% more Japanese support and 90% of Japansee developers don't give a damn about how powerful a system is. They are more about audience,

_-EDMIX-_1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@Zigg- Agreed.

@Yellow- ". If they were to release a system on par with the sp4 it probably would be at least 500$ instead of 300. "


Ummm why would it be MORE money then what released almost 4 years ago?

Mind you, its not even about "graphics" having less power also means less things your system can do.

So, when you have less ram, you can do less things. Thus, yes...power means something to many features.

You think GTAVI is coming to Switch if it NEEDS a 8gig system to do a big feature?

@Otak- ". Switch is going to have 90% more Japanese support"

Not really.

Its already going to be missing key titles like FFXV, FFXVI likely, KH3 and many AAA Japanese mature rated titles. Yakuza, Nier you name it.

Sooooo no

Having less power is why RE5 and RE6 are not on Wii and you folks are waiting for ports of almost 10 year old games.....

Thats fun?


Mind you, who is saying Nintendo MUST use this power? If they don't want to, fine, but having this much power allows for other developers to make content on their system that come from PC, PS4 and XONE.

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