Rumor: All Rogue Squadron Titles to be Ported to the Nintendo Wii

Rumor is LucasArts are handing Rogue Squadron rights to new publisher.

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TheColbertinator3790d ago

That would be awesome.But where is Factor 5? They should be the ones working on this

ape0073790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

were awesome

the graphics are still impressive to this day

the first one on n64 rocked(I remember playing it with both turok 2 and zelda back in 1998)

the second one on gc was the best of the best,unbelievable improvments were done to the already stellar n64 orignal

the 3rd one was a mixed bag,the flying levels were better than ever and you can play rs 2 in co-op,but on foot levels sucked,the game was underrated as hell

but seriosly,why lair sucked?

thier past was gold

can't believe it

LeonSKennedy4Life3789d ago

By Nintendo's standards...Rogue Squadron was the best of the best.

I loved it.

However, it still had old-school gameplay mechanics.

Lair suffers the same problem. It uses repetitive action to no end.

I honestly liked Lair.

It just had too much hype behind it.

TheColbertinator3789d ago

Next gen is tough.Watch

Silicon Knights past-Eternal Darkness,MGS:Twin Snakes
Silicon Knights present-Too Human

Pandemic past-Star Wars Battlefront,Destroy all Humans
Pandemic present-Mercs 2

Gearbox past-Brothers in Arms,Halo PC version
Gearbox present-BIA:Hells Highway

Tri-Ace past-Star Ocean 3,Valkyrie Profile:Silmeria
Tri-Ace present-Infinite Undiscovery

Free Radical past-Timesplitters 2,Goldeneye
Free Radical present-Haze

jofra013789d ago

That is actually surprising what you bring up but true for everything but the BIA: Hell's Highway was a good title

jofra013790d ago

I really enjoyed the Rogue Squadron titles I did play and would love to have the chance to play them again.

Lelouch V Brit3789d ago

Great News, I love that game But again old games not new games?

sarshelyam3789d ago

I loved these games as well...but I can still enjoy them in their current iterations. I suppose bolstering their library with last-gen's successes is..., I have nothing!!