Horizon Zero Dawn: the making of PS4 Pro's best 4K game

Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn not only raised the bar in terms of technical accomplishment on current generation console hardware, it handed in the best 4K HDR presentation we've seen from any PlayStation 4 Pro title.

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corroios446d ago

Best new ip of this gen, set standard, its the top dog to beat on consoles and its very far away from the competition. For the first open world Project from GG is just an amazing job. Great interview!!!!!

What will be the next Project? what is the first tem already working on? Thats the questions. The competition with ND will be very good for us, gamers!!!

UltraNova446d ago

Take Killzone to the next level, thats what they should do! The KZ IP needs some serious love. Now that GG has proven they can do both visuals and story (+open world) they should resurrect Killzone

asmith2306446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

"Take Killzone to the next level" - more like the previous level. KZ2 was awesome. With KZ3 onwards they started pandering to the COD style gamers and took the weight out of the gameplay. Ruined it.

Kallisti446d ago

I want a sequel to Killzone: Mercenary rather than a sequel to Shadow Fall.

UltraNova445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

@guys above,

It should be a full reboot, but retain that heavy feeling and atmosphere KZ2 had.

Or, they can give the Helgast a spin off series. They lost to us, Helgan is destroyed forcing those who survived to enbark on a deep space colonisation mission. Think Mass effect but with Helgast!

obidanshinobi445d ago

@ asmith2306

I preferred KZ3 over KZ2. Both good games don't get me wrong. Completed 3, some of the final levels were awesome. Didn't complete 2 though, that slog at the end with constant re-spawning enemies at the Visari Palace, twas relentless.

krypt1983445d ago

All killzones have been trash they need to leave it be horzion is a great game, but that's where it stops. Nothing more nothing less stop acting like it is the second coming of Jesus game is a one and done with a mediocre story.

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jc12445d ago

graphics were play and characters were boring as f.

UCForce445d ago

I don't think so, buddy.

jc12444d ago

why are you such a freakin cheerleader for this game? lol

UCForce444d ago

You the one who hate this game way too much. Even more so, you doubt GG way too much. So yeah, I find your opinion is over dramatic.

UCForce446d ago

Now that's what I talking about GG !

bluefox755446d ago

They really did raise the bar for consoles with this game.

sampson3121445d ago

show me a PC game that is as lush and beautiful as Horizon.

guyman446d ago

Horizon is the best new IP of this generation

Yohshida446d ago

You spelled Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds wrong

guyman446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Sure, if your standards are low enough.

Yohshida445d ago

6 Million people might disagree with you on that. Guess how many people play Horizon vs pubg in a year from now? Just look at steam player Charts and twitch #1

GiantGriFFin445d ago

And how many play DayZ nowadays?

Razzer445d ago

Another online shooter. yay

sampson3121445d ago

isn't that a last gen game? it sure looks lke it/

Yohshida445d ago

Ahaha gotta love the circle jerk over here. Fact is, noone is talking about Horizon in a year from now while PUBG is still getting updates and millions of players playing it every day. Same reason League, Overwatch, DOTA and CSGO are huge hits. It keeps players engaged, something I love about those games.

But what do I know. This site isnt something where you can talk about things not pro Sony. Sorry for that guys.

UCForce445d ago

Really ? Another freaking battle royal game ? You just want to kill SP, aren't ya ? You just like Phil Spencer who just lost faith on SP games.

Razzer445d ago

lol....VGL is eager to dish it out, but whines and cries when he gets it in return.

Yohshida445d ago


So Horizon is just another RPG? Like we haven't had a lot of them already RIGHT?

I mostly play MP and prefer those over most 8h SP games I play once and im done with yes.

UCForce444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

It's about giving people both. I'm glad Titanfall 2 makes you feel salty because they gave us awesome SP mode. The thing is, these guys are former Infinity Ward and I know they can make a great SP game. No excuse for not including SP in Original TitanFall, so they fixed that mistake in TF2.

Yohshida444d ago

Focusing on sp in a mp game wasnt the best idea and sales were down from 10 Million Titanfall 1 even though they had the huge PlayStation playerbase this time.
They should have improved the mp and added more content. Now the franchise is Dead, what a great Job to focus on sp eh?

DigitalRaptor441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

@ Razzer

He goes around misrepresenting, trolling and hates it when people call him out for it. He tries to associate with the biggest Xbox fanboys on Twitter and considers anything positive that is PlayStation and not Xbox-related a "circlejerk": 🙄

Got mad because people were happy that God of War (a great looking action game that he is disingenuously trying to convince people is somehow a far lesser action game than before) won an E3 award. This guy's kidding no-one.

Fact is VGL, you're in an article talking about Horizon saying nobody is talking about it (based irony), and all the while Guerrilla presented their game & engine at SIGGRAPH not long ago, Digital Foundry deemed it important enough to come back to and discuss, the game has been prominently featured in many "best of 2017 so far" lists, still selling like crazy, and its great looking DLC expansion is coming this year and just got a release date of November, with Guerrilla actually providing plenty of updates to the base game - something you seem completely oblivious to.

Another false assertion about what you can and can't say on here. You can talk about Nintendo just fine, it seems you're just a little bit sensitive about Xbox not being as loved by the community (or in fact, the world).

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Razzer445d ago

Yeah, I agree. Can't think of anything that really comes close.

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