GamesRadar: Rygar: The Only Wii Game that Matters

The Wii, Nintendo's magic money machine, has been crazy successful. Every month it sells an estimated sextillion units, and its games are consistently best sellers. But as GamesRadar pointed out recently, almost all of its titles for the rest of the year leave something to be desired. Ignoring Nintendo-published titles, almost every game is a cooking title that teaches kids math while you lose weight playing Sudoku on the balance board.

Fortunately, there's at least one third-party game that you might be thankful for at year's end: Rygar: Battle of Argus, a pleasantly violent quest through Greek mythology to find a kidnapped girl. Let's illustrate why Rygar could be the Wii's saving grace.

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TheColbertinator4856d ago

Yeah Rygar does look great.But I am more interested in Mad World tbh

jorgeanaya0004856d ago

No, that would be The Conduit.

BIoodmask4856d ago

I have to give props to Tecmo. They are actually upping the graphics and character models instead of just porting the PS2 version.

Hopefully the Wii will see Rygar 2 if it sells well.