8 new videos of The Conduit

Eight videos of The Conduit have been released including new footage.

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ape0073791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

this game looks like to be the next turok 2 or the next goldeneye

the graphics,the sound,the gameplay,the framerate,the guns

the games seems fast paced,and intence the art looks very good

everything seems fantastic and I can't believe this is wii's graphics,

looks like this will join smg for the best wii games

the sounds of bullits hitting walls and steel reminds me of goldeneye,perfect dark and it's the same sound from turok 2 which I clearly remember

can't wait

TruthbeTold3791d ago

It's going to be torture waiting the last 6 months or so for this game. But it will be all the more sweet once I finally own it. Hopefully during that time some tech savvy gamers will get a good viral campaign going for it to help get the word out.

jorgeanaya0003791d ago

I know what you mean, the new video show the great potential of this game. But I'm sure the time will not go to waste. Can't wait to play the campaign and online.

qohelet3791d ago

totally having a perfect dark feeling from these videos

jtucker783791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

These are must see videos for Conduit followers.

Looks much better in motion than in screenshots.

Fluid framerate, intense battles. It's coming along really well.

Most important thing for me is how well it holds up online. I hope HV have it covered.
Can't wait to try it.

IQUITN4G3791d ago

Shame about the lousy voice delivery but yes i'm sensing a spiritual Goldeneye feel like how it would be if it were on wii - obviously not the alien stuff but in how it feels

I think this could deliver

IQUITN4G3791d ago

And you know what's rather interesting.Of all the videos iv'e seen of Say Killzone and Resistance 2, not one has show intensity or thrill like what i'm seeing here.Of course the PS3 has 20x better graphics etc than this but i'm really ok with that it what we end up with is more fun

Truly not trying to flame here, these vids just do a lot more talking than what iv'e seen of other up and coming shooters

titntin3791d ago

Well I guess that a matter of opinion - I'm very excited by those games too!
But at least it looks like theres a really good Wii shooter to keep fans happy, as this looks very fluid and cool on the Wii and most importnatly, the game looks like it will be fun to play.

Leaving the 'tech' aside, it just looks like a well sorted game, and even the sound is excellent. A definate title to be added to my wish list... :)

IQUITN4G3791d ago

actually the voice work is only slightly bad at times and not as a whole

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