IGN: Edge Wise: God of War

Opinions are like excuses and pogs, everybody has them. In a pop-culture where trends are currency, and remakes, sequels and prequels are, well, also currency, it might be difficult for IGN's readers to get a word in edge wise.

IGN Stars' Edge Wise makes those opinions easier to be said and heard. Stars' new column editorializes on the state of pop-culture and fandom, and what – and how – it affects you.

Next on IGN's list of things to attack this week, and in his case, every week, is Brett Ratner. The director of such "epics" as After the Sunset and Money Talks, the person responsible for reminding people that the world really didn't need a Rush Hour 3, the walking skin-suit of mediocrity behind X3, is directing an adaptation of God of War.

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I_killed_TheMart3789d ago

Listen sony fangirls... if Brett Ratner is already attached to this project then sony didn't really take this license seriously.