The Advantages Playstation 3 has over the Competition Previous history has shown that the more powerful console on the market does not always win, and I believe that the Playstation 3 console is capable of so much more than the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360, it is just a shame that due to various circumstances it hasn't performed as well as it should have already. However no matter what the NPD numbers may be saying right now, it does not change the fact that Sony's Playstation 3 format still has numerous advantages over the competition that may help them in the hunt for the number one spot.

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nbsmatambo4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Free Online

Ever Expanding amount of games


Sexy cool black box sitting in your living room/ bedroom silently chugging along


kingOVsticks4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

his life must suck enough if he makes fanboy comments like that,we don't need gaming geeks such as are selves across the world laughing at his expense XD Maaaaaan I bet his self esteem is in the toilet right about now....

on topic It honestly doesn't matter how many advantages the PS3 has if developers like valve and EA won't take advantage of them, will be in this semi nexgen cycle for a loooong time.Luckily we have devs like insomniac,naughty dog and konami to pick up the slack :)

IdleLeeSiuLung4434d ago

All the advantages are mute in the long run if PS3 doesn't get a sizeable user base. Developers don't care about advantages, unless they can sell games to more people.

I recognize many of the PS3's qualities, but since I got my PS3 this summer it has mostly just been sitting there. A $670 paperweight since I bougt the special edition MGS4 PS3 console.... I occassionally play Ninja Gaiden Sigma, but now spend most of my time playing Ninja Gaiden 2!!!

rockleex4434d ago

I hope you know that the PS3's were at a price of $399 and $499... and still is.

Jake11114434d ago

Anyone who has enough money to spend on the PS3 and buys the 360 is throwing away money in my opinion.

As an owner of both systems I can say that the PS3 is the only system I play now. I havent touched the 360 since Halo3. GOW was cool but way too short. GOW2 will be the same....

PS3 has longevity for sure. Blue ray, cell, etc. The games are looking better each year.

How can Fable 2 and GOW2 compete with Home, LBP, SOCOM, RFOM2, Motorstorm2, KZ2 etc when they wouldnt even compare to Drakes, Warhawk, R&C, MGSIV, GT5.....

There is no comparison... The PS3 IS the system to have this generation.

If Microsoft does their home work for the next console and make it an ALL AROUND strong system I will buy it.

But for now.. Its the PS3....


shelbygt334434d ago

That's your opinion. I own all three systems, and can say that I play the X360 more than the other two combined. Whether it's due to game selection, or more of my friends own an X360, whatever. Point is, different strokes for different folks. You like the PS3 more, that's fine. But there's nothing wrong with those that think the X360 is currently the better machine.

IdleLeeSiuLung4434d ago

I bought a special edition version of the console that came with the limited edition MGS4 game. The console had a run of less than 10k and was priced at $599+tax+shipping and hence the $670 freaken price tag.

IdleLeeSiuLung4434d ago

How the hell do you disagree with something I did? I swear, there are fanboys just disagreeing with me because I said something negative about the PS3.

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zimbo0074435d ago

theres no way of denying that
3 AAA --Resistance 2/Motorstorm 2/LBP

HairyBrownSack4435d ago

funny, cuz constipation 1 and motorturd were amazingly generic last round, and we can all see Little brown sh1t looks gay as hell and for casual n00b homos only.

on the other hand, gears 1 was amazing. fable 1 was amazing.


marionz4434d ago

LBP looks lame as, resistance 2 should be good, i liked the first, motorstorm...well i hated the first one.

sorry xbox360 has the better line up as usual, if i go by the games i would buy alone fable 2 banjo and GOW2, then theres plenty of 3rd party games to keep me going too, even though viva pinata TIP will keep me happy for atleast another mounth or two.

PopEmUp4434d ago

all 2 droids at once lol who know maybe it's only one girl using these accounts, which btw replying to themselves

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I_killed_TheMart4435d ago

Are you kidding me up there ^

1 game that destroys all that u listed, gears of war 2! Hahaha motorflop 2, stupid sony fanfly u must be 12, should i link u to the reviews where motorstorm got a 7.9?

Voiceofreason4435d ago

Bubbles for you just because its nice to see someone being an a$$ who doesnt hump their PS3 every chance they get or sleep with a pic of Ken above their bed.

DavidMacDougall4435d ago

"they get or sleep with a pic of Ken above their bed."

Your one of them closet gays who say what they really want to do but hate people for it

P.S The 360 suks so many balls i cant even put a number to it

Dyingduck4435d ago

Hint: it's in the title.

theKiller4435d ago

u just owned those 2 bots above u!!
good one, bubble for u

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Maxned4435d ago

This will be on the front page top news in no time even though there are FAR MORE IMPORTANT news stories going on right now. NINTENDO CONFERENCE?