Finally Played It: Deadly Premonition The Director's Cut Review

It’s hard to describe Deadly Premonition without one word, weird.

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Matrix61950d ago

This doesn't give me comfort in giving the PS3 DC version ago. I imported the vanilla version on PS3 the year it released, and I found it was horrendous to attempt to play.

Kyizen1950d ago

Probably the best, worst game ive played and beaten. I loved it but the gameplay was awful and yet the game was amazing.

RpgSama1950d ago

Definitely the best worst game I Ever played, the gameplay and graphics are mediocre at best, but the soundtrack, the story, the people, the main character, the weirdness of it all, the pop culture references are amazing.

Blank1950d ago

This game is extremely rough around the edges but it knows how to keep a player engaged and drawn into the story. A current gen full on remake would do it wonders or maybe that "B-class status" gives it charm and character.

DaFeelz1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

A friend gave me her copy of DP to play, telling me that "it's so bad it awesome!" So I was like 'shit, sign me up!' Turns out-it's so bad, it's bad. It was like the video game equivalent of The Room. It got about 2hrs outta me and that was a wrap. I did not find its terribleness endearing. I found it boring. But hey, if it made people happy, mission accomplished. Just leave me out of it.

jznrpg1950d ago

The game production value was horrendous but I really love the game. It could have been amazing but the lawsuit and changes it was forced to have because it was too much like Twin peaks killed a lot of it. Still one of my favorite games last gen

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