Nintendo To Activate News Channel on Saturday

Wii owners have been biting their nails in pure anticipation for the News Channel to go live. Many a Wii owner has been completely out of the loop on all of the current news. Well, all that is going to change on Saturday. Nintendo has announced that they will activate the News Channel on Jan 28. The news will come straight from the AP, who has a 2 year exclusive deal to supply Wii owners with the most up-to-date news.

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Twizzlada_Shogun5215d ago

I was under the assumption that the news channel was just going to post nintendo gaming news, like when games are coming out ect...

Didn't know it was actually going to touch on things that are happening in the world.

that's pretty cool i guess, but i hope there is a section for gaming news or something.

Odiah5215d ago

There's a free browser and plus what the heck are you playing you wii on? A t.v?

Grown Folks Talk5215d ago

they are trying to sell a product. the more "includes" or "features" you can throw in makes it look better in some people's eyes. but you're right, could just watch the news or pick up the paper. i wonder if it has a news show with mario as the anchorman.

Syko5215d ago

If it is anything like the weather channel the news will be from 1969. Kids will be running out telling their parents "We've landed on the moon!"

I checked the weather channel one time when it was raining and cold about 40 degrees (Very rare in Phoenix,AZ) and my wii said it was sunny and 72 degrees.