PlayStation 4 is on track to become Sony's best-selling console

With 63.3 million systems shipped worldwide, Sony could have a new top dog on its hands.

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Community531d ago
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PhoenixUp532d ago

PS4 had a far better start than PS2, but now it's selling on par with it in the same timeframe. With this in mind I don't think PS4 may outsell PS2 in the longterm, but may still be possible

darthv72532d ago

I predict PS4 will be their 2nd best selling console with an output of roughly 125 million units worldwide (pro, slim and og combined).

PS5 will launch in 2019 (earliest) or 2020 and contribute to the PS4 not surpassing the PS2 as people switch gears to pick up the 10tf PS5 for a low price of $499.99.

WelkinCole531d ago

The thing is I believe the PS4 Pro is going to carry into the PS5 gen and will be the new base model until 2023 or 2024 when a PS5 Pro is released in which time the PS5 will become the base model.

It is obvious that Sony wants a smoother transition into next gen which is why they opted for the mid gen upgrade route. The PS4 Pro is really is Sony's first foot into PS5 gen.

This is all due to the fact that they cant have gens that last more than 6 years with the same hardware because of how fast tech is changing but at the same time don't want to cut gens to just 3 years because it will not only be expensive for them but also to devs and gamers. This is new model is the best soltuion they can come up with.

Next gen when the PS5 is out the PS4 Pro will be fully unleashed so we are going to see games on it doing as standard 4k while the PS5 will do 4k native and perhaps 60fps standard with much better VR.

Captain_Tom531d ago

PS5 will without a doubt launch 2019. That's when AMD's Navi and 7nm will be ready for mass production.

goken531d ago

i would be very surprised if the ps4 did better than ps2.
if the ps4 did over 110m, it would be pretty good.

10tf PS5... i suspect they would need more than that. i think next round Xbox won't be mucking about.


I hope it does become so he's put on console. They truly do deserve the success they released an absolutely phenomenal machine

RommyReigns531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I don't think it will reach the PS2 total sales of 150m+ because of the way this console generation has been shortened, but it should easily get past the 100m mark and that in itself is a fantastic achievement, plus utterly shredding the competition.

chris235531d ago

let the xoxbox be an utter disappointment and we may see the 150+ million units sold. just kidding.

OB1Biker531d ago

Why do you think this gen has been shortened? Couldnt the mid gen upgrade give it more legs so to speak on the opposite?

OmnislashVer36531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

Shortened? PS1-PS2 was 6 years, PS2-PS3 was 6 years. Considering PS3-PS4 was 7 years it's been expanded if anything.

It won't reach PS2 sales because of a change in market. First of all, the economy sucks. Adjusted for inflation we should be able to afford $499/$599 consoles at the moment, but we can't. So we're paying more for less of a jump, and we're kind of used to that now. We place more faith in AAA developers to cover the difference, and they have been. Secondly AAA market is different. During PS2 days AA/AAA games looked much alike. Considering AAA these days requires far more attention to detail, we've got less games on that level.

_-EDMIX-_531d ago

"the way this console generation has been shortened"


PS2 kept selling after PS3 released. It didn't just keep selling only between generations.

PS4 very much can keep selling in other countries long after PS5 comes out, at $199 or even lower etc

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lxeasy531d ago

If PS 5 comes out in 2019 I don't see ps4 surpassing PS2 .

JackBNimble531d ago

When the ps3 was released the ps2 was still supported and sold for years after. How do you think it sold 150mil in the first place ?

Ps4 is going to be supported after the ps5 release ...

MegamanXXX531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

After GOD OF WAR, LAST OF US 2, DEATH STRANDING,and SPIDERMAN releases then we should have another article on this.

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FallenAngel1984532d ago

Switch sales will probably come closer to what Wii sold than PS4 sales will to what PS2 sold.

SlappingOysters531d ago

No way; the Switch will be lucky to get 50m. It's already slowed down a lot.

RosweeSon531d ago

Slowed down as in it's in stock now? Don't underestimate the switch done amazingly well with new Zelda and more Wii U ports Mario Kart is amazing Splatoon looks cool but Arms is only NEW game Zelda does look fantastic tho (it's in the backlog) it's all about that new Mario for me tho, smash Bros port would be great then Metroid 4 or the big system seller Pokemon Switch sometime in next 12-18 months or so.... sold out for months as let's face it Nintendo are due a direct soon end of Aug/September let us know what's coming for Christmas and early 2018 which Switch and my PS4 it's gonna be a good gaming season.

_-EDMIX-_531d ago

@Ros- "the switch done amazingly well with new Zelda and more Wii U ports Mario Kart is amazing Splatoon looks cool but Arms is only NEW game Zelda does look fantastic tho" much of this is going to get someone to buy a Switch that didn't already own a 3DS or Wii U?

In order to BEAT Wii sales, they must GAIN new consumers.

All the titles you named are right in the heart of what MOST Nintendo gamers would buy.

Sooooo most of those gamers bought Wii U and 3DS, why would MORE buy Switch?

For Zelda and Mario Kart? Wait, what? For titles that are on Wii U? For games that NINTENDO FANS already know? That doesn't sound like a concept that will sell more then Wii U or 3DS, that simply sounds like a concept that will sell...JUST as much people to Switch as 3DS and Wii U did...

Thats it.

I don't see any more people buying Switch, then I do Wii U and 3DS combined, I actually see less based on how things have been going for them.

Your are asking Nintendo fans, to buy Nintendo stuff....thats it.

You are not even looking at the idea that the same stuff, is selling to the SAME PEOPLE!

That is like saying, "Man, Acitivsion is going to do HAM, I see them selling MORE"

(Starts the list the SAME IP that failed to sell them more the years prior)

How can they grow selling to the same install base?

Wii U had LOTS of great games bud, you are just repeating the same damn games that failed to sell Wii U. Thus, I can ONLY see this selling under what Wii U and 3DS sold COMBINED, based on them selling less every gen, I can only assume they will continue to sell less.

But hey, the new Call Of Duty is coming out bro, this year will be different then last year /s

Concertoine531d ago (Edited 531d ago )


The switch is a much more attractive console than Wii U. Its really what the wii u should have been.

The advertisement and communication from nintendo about the Wii U is often considered one of the main reasons it failed. The Switch's advertising has been pretty damn good, and it only just got its first real first party exclusive last week.

Also predicting that it would sell less than 3DS+Wii U isnt bold - thats just saying <80 million units which is pretty much certain.

Captain_Tom531d ago

LOL RosweeSon talks like "Wii U ports" are an indication of a good console!

Enjoy your last-gen ports no one wanted (If people wanted them, they would have bought a Wii U); the rest of us will play Horizon, Spiderman, Bloodborne, TLoU2, Uncharted, Detroit, and dozens of other games that are not on any other console (or PC).

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LP-Eleven531d ago


OT: I expect a fantastic 120-130m for PS4. Not quite PS2 levels, but higher than just about every other console.

Shin-Zantetsuken531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I bet you posted that just to trigger people. Lol

In case you seriously meant that I will point out some things. Switch sales are nothing extraordinary. It sold only 1.97 million in the last quarter with all the launch period hype whereas PS4 sold 3.3 million even this late in its life cycle. The narrative that "Switch is a sales phenomenon" nothing more than a media and marketing propaganda which has got nothing to do with the reality. The "stock shortages" are there to further fuel this narrative and make people think it is some massive hit product that they need to buy. However, the latest figures released by Nintendo made a lot of people realize the reality.

OmnislashVer36531d ago

Switch will sell double what Wii U sold and that's it. It's getting nowhere near Wii sales.

Dragonscale531d ago

You wish lol. PS4 is already ahead of PS2 concurrently. At this rate PS4 could be the best ever.

_-EDMIX-_531d ago

Mathematically that is just unlikely.

Wii U + 3DS sales don't come CLOSE to Wii.

They barely come close to PSP...

In order for Switch to move Wii numbers, they must GROW their install base, ie make something that gets someone to buy a Nintendo product, that they would otherwise have NOT!

What are they making that non-Nintendo gamers would buy?



If you don't like COD, giving you more COD or a different shooter isn't going to change your mind.

So ,can Call Of Duty do something to grow its install base of fans ,simply by releasing more of the same thing?

Do you folks really not question this?

Captain_Tom531d ago

Right now the PS4 is outselling the Switch at over a 2:1 ratio. Typically Nintendo gens are incredibly front-loaded, and so Switch will be lucky to hit 40 million (more likely 30 - 35m).

SlappingOysters531d ago

This is the big problem with Switch -

Too many of its potential audience have left the industry for mobiles.

Felsager530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Why in every section where the ps4 gets good news we have a dumbass emo hipster switchtard or the same lowlife slam dunked butthurt XBOT dropout spewing fanboygasms? For example:


"Switch sales will probably come closer to what Wii sold than PS4 sales will to what PS2 sold."

Do you know why the PS4 is doing so great? It's because they focus on great games, service and current trend technology instead of being a backward company. Yes there are great games in every console, what we don't like is these imbecile posts trying to undermine the success of other consoles?

You want to know do you? Simple, get a ps4 and see for yourself why.

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XiNatsuDragnel532d ago

PS2 2.0, no it's time to go further beyond.

badz149531d ago

150mil is a pretty tall order. the PS2 didn't have competition back then. but now, even with over 2:1 ratio, MS have the power to still get multiplats with the PS4. so, unless there are PS2 type domination, outselling the PS2 will be out the question for now

Sunny_D531d ago

To a level even further beyond that? Like double Acsended?!!! You must be bluffing

GiantGriFFin531d ago

Congratulations Sony on decimating the competition.

PlayStation_5531d ago

△OX❏ PlayStation Annihilation ❏XO△

slate91531d ago

It is well deserved if it does. Their consistency and quality is unmatched this gen.