Five Reasons You Should Be Playing Just Cause 3

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy Square Enix's open-world adventure, but WWG has five primary ones that take the cake.

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FallenAngel19841417d ago

I can think one reason to play this...

Just cause 😎

TheDCD1416d ago


Orpheo1416d ago

Someone had to say it. ;)

Killa Aaron1416d ago

Is there a Just cause to play just cause, just cause?

Elimin81416d ago

Fun game but damn it's unplayable for me. Constant logging or searching for servers. When I try to play offline? It still keeps searching EVERY TIME you hit the menu. I tried playing offline but it kept timing out due to licensing issue? Sigh. Good game BUT........

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freshslicepizza1417d ago

I bought it on sale on Steam and the controls are just way too sloppy. Not a bad game but I just couldn't get past the controls.

OffRoadKing1416d ago

Odd I never had any issue with the controls but I played on PS4 maybe that was the difference. Did you use keyboard mouse or did you plug in a controller to your PC?

showtimefolks1416d ago

avalanche studios did a very poor job of patching especially when other studios around them were listening to feedback and improving their games. don't have psn plus at the moment but will pick this up around holidays when it's under $10

gbsrnctaln1416d ago

This really is an underrated game. SOOO much content, often beautiful visuals, and just plain fun. Also, the more I have played it, the more charming it has become. At first I REALLY missed the SCORPIO, SCORPIO chanting, but have learned to appreciate the more subtle charm of statements by npc's. If you dont download this game for free you are really missing out!

OffRoadKing1416d ago

Nothing quite like diving down from the clouds with the powered wing suit and then pulling up just before the surface of the water and gliding over it, its really an amazing game.

loadstone0071416d ago

It's free on PS+, so why the heck not??

sackboyhappy1416d ago

it's free?
nope, you pay for a service and you don't keep the game :P

CrowbaitBob1415d ago


"free on PS+"

Do you not understand what a qualifier is?

sackboyhappy1411d ago

i'm off to the shop to get a chocolate bar that's free when i pay for it.
Netflix do not say "free on netflix" on all of the films so why do sony with games that are with PS+?
They should say included with PS+, not free.

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The story is too old to be commented.