IGN: Presenting the Play it on Wii Selection

Amid all the hype and chaos of new game and hardware announcements at this morning's Nintendo Conference came one bit of news that wasn't quite so new -- the Wii De Asobu Selection lineup, which translates to something like "Play it on Wii Selection." The series of titles will be comprised of several of Nintendo's last-generation GameCube games, updated to be playable with Wii Remote controls.

Seven titles have been announced to be a part of the lineup so far, each of which will be sold at a budget price. IGN has collected their coverage of the GameCube editions of each title so you can refamiliarize yourself with each game. Or, if you're new to Nintendo in this generation, get your very first glimpse at the games. That seems to be what the Big N's going for, anyway. So have a look.

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